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Como o Zendesk e o Klaus colaboram para aperfeiçoar o suporte da ATG

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Leading customer experience and CRM company Zendesk has become the standard helpdesk solution in many industries. In fact, 45% of the top gaming companies (some of the heaviest users of support tools) trust their ticket management to this particular software solution.

Klaus is a support QA and conversation review tool that integrates with Zendesk to automatically pull tickets for internal quality assessments to improve customer support quality and consistency. 

Auction Technology Group (ATG) is an online auction platform with leading positions in five markets. ATG’s success relies largely on the quality of its customer-facing interactions; hence, implementing a Quality Assurance program was a no-brainer for the team.

Thanks to Zendesk’s strong partnership program, ATG has been using Klaus to review support conversations for a while now. As a Technology Partner, Klaus equips Zendesk customers with a powerful product for seamless support QA and conversation review capabilities.

We talked to the key stakeholders to understand how this partnership came about, how it’s worked out for both parties, and what other quality-oriented support teams could learn from this experience.

  • Conchita Mauro, Senior Success Consultant at Zendesk shares how they work with their partners and why she saw Klaus as a good fit for ATG;
  • Amanda Black, Customer Service Manager at BidSpotter by ATG, describes how they’ve set up their QA program using Zendesk and Klaus. 

Find out how the Zendesk-Klaus partnership helps companies like ATG, and don’t forget to join the discussion in the CX online community Quality Tribe

Zendesk’s reliable partnership with Klaus

Conchita Mauro works with Zendesk partners on a daily basis. She describes her work as “making sure that every customer is as happy as they can be.”

Support teams love Zendesk for its versatile features that enhance their productivity and bring impactful results with a quick time to value. However, for the occasions when a company requires custom functionality on the platform, Zendesk partners up with other support tool providers who cater to these particular needs.

Having worked as a Quality Analyst herself in previous companies, Conchita knows how painful the QA process can be if you don’t have the right tools. However, she also admits that most companies these days still do conversation reviews manually in spreadsheets.

Though spreadsheets can be enough for small teams with low support volumes, large customer care units would spend too much time on copy-pasting data from one place to another and doing managerial tasks related to the upkeeping of the document. 

Read more about the main reasons why support teams switch from spreadsheets to conversation review tools

When working with Zendesk customers, Conchita analyzes each company’s needs and strategic objectives individually. When she works with a customer who wants to improve their support quality and who could potentially benefit from using a dedicated QA tool, she proposes they look into corresponding integration partners on the Zendesk Marketplace

As the Senior Success Consultant at Zendesk, Conchita usually points out some partners who she sees as the best matches for the particular company. She advises suitable teams on QA processes and tools when this strategically matches the wider, high-level objectives of these companies, primarily aiming to increase ROI. 

From an objective point of view, she guides them through these solutions to help their customers find the most suitable partner for the job. Besides the features and functionalities, Zendesk’s Success Team also aims to match its customers with companies and solutions that those businesses would enjoy working with. 

One option for companies that value a personalized approach to customer care, is to consider Klaus to handle the QA tasks. Klaus stands out for the strong relationships it creates with customers throughout the onboarding period and beyond. 

Klaus support QA at ATG Media

ATG’s QA process revamped for efficiency

ATG (Auction Technology Group) had been using Zendesk for a while. Before they started using Klaus, their Customer Service Manager Amanda Black conducted conversation reviews manually in spreadsheets.

Immediately before finding Klaus, ATG acquired another company, doubling its total agent count to 40 people overnight. With the sudden increase in review volume, Amanda was unable to continue doing manual support QA for a brief while. 

Conchita, the  Zendesk customer success consultant working with Amanda, realized that ATG’s customer care team could benefit from QA software. She advised them to look into a couple of conversation review tools that would help them bring all agents to the same level of quality and fill any gaps in their team. 

ATG quickly decided to choose Klaus because of the warm welcome she received from the team and the seamless transition to an intelligent QA process. 

Here’s how ATG uses Zendesk’s partner Klaus for internal quality reviews:

  • Different scorecards and rating categories are used for bidders and auctioneers, which are the two main user segments on their platform;
  • Specific quality criteria for emails, chats, and calls to make sure that agents follow the standards set out for different support channels (like using the appropriate opening line in chat, or not cutting off customers on the phone);
  • A 5-point emoji rating scale for scoring conversations because the binary thumbs up/down system felt harsh and everybody loves smiley faces;
  • Reviews are done by managers to help the team reach a consistent level of support quality. 

Systematic quality reviews with the Zendesk and Klaus partnership have been steadily pushing ATG’s customer happiness scores up by 1% point every month

The majority of ATG’s requests come through chat which is why, besides Internal Quality Score and CSAT, they also keep an eye on their response and wait times. Though calls make up a small proportion of ATG’s customer interactions, they pay special attention to phone support quality because these are usually more complex cases and escalations.

Klaus support QA Tool

ATG is a great example of how the partnership between two support tools – Zendesk and Klaus – yields impressive results for a common customer. Building and scaling quality-oriented customer care teams become efficient and productive with automated and user-friendly solutions for providing agent feedback.

Klaus support QA and conversation review tool is available on the Zendesk Marketplace. It comes with:

  • Native Zendesk integration and Chrome Extension;
  • Automatic ticket syncs between the tools;
  • Slack integration for agent and reviewer notifications;
  • Custom scorecards with unlimited rating categories and a variety of rating scales;
  • Easy reporting and a quality dashboard.

Klaus is a powerful tool that helps to improve support teams’ work on Zendesk. If you’re using Zendesk and would like to enhance your support quality and bring consistency to your agents’ responses, give Klaus a go. It comes with a free trial and a customer care team eager to help you with any questions you might have.

And, if you are as obsessed with customer service quality as we are, join the online CX community Quality Tribe. That’s the place where we discuss topics related to customer care, share our successes and failures, ask questions, and talk about our lessons learned.

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