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Drive revenue with exceptional customer service using Klaus & Zendesk

Connect your Zendesk account with Klaus to review and rate any kind of Zendesk conversations: chats, emails, phone calls. Track quality metrics with ease and collaborate with your team.

Klaus is a quality management solution that uses AI to identify gaps in your customer experience before they become a problem. Automate quality management and achieve 100% coverage across agents, teams, BPOs, and languages.
Zendesk is a customer support software with AI-powered automation, streamlining interactions across various channels for businesses to engage with customers effectively.

Automatically score and analyze 100% of your agents and Zendesk conversations

AI-Powered Quality Management

Connect your Zendesk account and let Klaus’ AutoQA review 100% of your conversations, allowing your quality team to focus on the problem areas and fix them.
  • Plug & Play solution with no model training required
  • Automatic review assignments & goal setting
  • Positive and Negative Sentiment Analysis
  • On-demand conversation translation
  • Automatic conversation sampling and discovery
A screenshot showing AI-powered quality management features in Klaus.

Track trends and coach your agents

Quantify internal quality, get actionable metrics for team improvement and agent development, and coach your agents directly inside Klaus.
  • Systematically improve resolution time, interactions per case, and customer satisfaction
  • Recognize a decreasing knowledge trend and find out whether it’s at an agent level or a wider issue
  • Proactively analyze all agent interactions,
 not just a sample
  • Visualize & understand the impact of your efforts with coaching sessions
Coaching & learning

How Zendesk & Klaus Work Together to Perfect ATG’s Support

Thanks to Zendesk’s strong partnership program, ATG has been using Klaus to review support conversations for a while now. As a Technology Partner, Klaus equips Zendesk customers with a powerful product for seamless support QA and conversation review capabilities.

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