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Conversation review and QA platform for support teams

Klaus measurably improves customer service quality by making internal feedback easy and systematic.

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  • Great UI, super easy to integrate, accessible price and my team loves the Chrome extension. Chris is also the best CS manager you can ask for, but I can vouch for the entire team. They really understand customer support and the needs of a team.
    Simone Secci
    Simone Secci
  • Every client who contacts the support should get a perfect answer regardless of the agent. Klaus allows to keep up that good level of quality.
    Katia Barsuk
    Katia Barsuk
  • We’re now sharing more information internally and providing ten times as much proactive advice between support agents than we did before.
    Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez
  • The target of conversation reviews was to improve CSAT and make sure that we are all aligned on what we say. There were no challenges, conversation reviews were quite easy to introduce and follow. Our CSAT has improved from 80% to 90%.
    Jonathan Benghozi
    Jonathan Benghozi
  • When we first started out, peer reviews were mostly positive, but according to the latest analysis, 57% of reviewed tickets fell under ‘Room for Improvement’. I see this as a good thing showing that the system is working and we are learning a lot from each other.
    Grigorij Urasov
    Grigorij Urasov


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    Improved CSAT & efficiency metrics after the first month of usage.
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    Impactful coaching sessions and 1-1s based on performance metrics and conversation examples.
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    Actionable metrics to track quality and identify issues as they arise.
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    90% time saved compared to doing reviews manually using spreadsheets.

A 360° approach to customer service quality improvement

Quality assurance

Streamline the QA process

Easily evaluate and identify customer service problems in real-time. Build scorecards that reflect your business needs, filter out tickets you’d like to see, review the conversations, and start leaving valuable feedback that helps agents develop.

Get your customer support reps up to speed

View real-time KPIs by agent to ensure consistent performance amongst agents and identify top and low-performers. Deliver transparent and actionable feedback. With ongoing visibility into their performance, there are no surprises.
Coaching and 1-1s

Identify coaching opportunities

Encourage ownership through transparent feedback and support team development through sessions that address overall team performance. Use internal quality scores and performance results to identify knowledge gaps and improve agent performance.
Analytics & KPIs

Keep your finger on the pulse of agent and team performance

Understand the true relationship between CSAT, FCR, NPS – and quality. Get an instant overview of the big picture or drill into the details – up to you. Klaus' KPI dashboard helps you focus on the agents and processes that need your attention most.
Browser Extension

Make conversation reviews a constant habit

No longer are you confined by the virtual borders of your help desk tool. Klaus' browser extension allows you to grade conversations wherever they happen.

We'll help you get going

Team onboarding

Adopting a new tool can be daunting, but our team makes it effortless. We pride ourselves in building the most intuitive QA platform on the market, and we've onboarded teams with thousands of users.

Account management

You'll have a single point of contact to ensure your team is getting the most out of Klaus. Our Success team offers an effective combination of customer service expertise and product knowledge.

Dedicated support

You'll get priority access to support for questions and guidance. We work around the clock, and our CSAT is 98%!
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How Wistia Set Up Customer Service Peer Reviews on Klaus

The people behind Wistia believe in the powers of amazing customer service - and that’s what they aim to provide to their customers, too.

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