Klaus Browser Extension

Review conversations anywhere! No longer are you confined by the virtual borders of your help desk tool. Klaus's browser extension (for Chrome & Firefox) allows you to securely review conversations wherever they are happening.

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    13% higher CSAT results from week one
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    3x more actionable feedback for agents
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    Consistent quality across channels and teams
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    70% less time spent on managing feedback

The easiest way to improve customer service quality and foster agent feedback

Feature 1

Review support interactions anywhere

The extension allows you to grade conversations directly in your help desk, on social channels, or wherever else they may happen. This helps to save your time and effort as well as make conversation reviews a constant habit. We are pretty proud of our integrations but if you wish to review conversations from a software we don't integrate with, you can do so using the extension!

Feature 2

Deliver actionable feedback to agents

We'll notify your team about the feedback they've received via email or Slack. If you wish to analyze the results of the reviews you completed using the extension, you can still see all of the numbers you need in the Klaus dashboard.

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How Geckoboard elevates customer support with Klaus

"We’re now sharing more information internally and providing ten times as much proactive advice between support agents than we did before."

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