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3 Player Support Tools Used by Top Gaming Companies

Automation5 MIN READJun 11, 2020

3 Player Support Tools Used by Top Gaming Companies


If there’s one industry that has been booming during the global lockdown, it’s gaming for sure. People have been playing 75% more video games during peak hours than they were just a few months ago.

Though it’s marvelous news for the gaming companies, there are also people who are stressed about the growing demand for these services. Player support teams face immense workloads and need to rely heavily on efficient CX tools to help them keep up their good work.

We wanted to know which tools player support teams are using these days. So, we dug into the G2 Stack data and analyzed the software used by some of the largest and most admired gaming companies in the world. And, as always, we can’t bear to keep the results to ourselves.

Here are the three most important software solutions that the top 20 successful gaming companies use – and one extra tool that you are going to love as a bonus.

Half of the top gaming companies use a helpdesk solution created by Zendesk

Handling player support without a helpdesk sounds like a mission impossible. It’s the central place where the customer-facing team deals with all the requests coming in from the users. A powerful – yet easy-to-use – helpdesk solution enables teams to work efficiently and deliver delightful customer experiences.

When choosing a helpdesk solution for your gaming company, check if it offers:

  • Customer service channels you need,
  • Analytics components that make sense for your team,
  • Integrations with the rest of your CX tools.
Among the 20 largest gaming companies that we analyzed, Zendesk came out as the clear winner in the helpdesk category: 10 out of the 22 helpdesk software solutions listed were made by Zendesk.

Other helpdesk solutions used by the top gaming companies included Salesforce, Kayako, and Helpshift.

3 Player Support Tools Used by Top Gaming Companies

User feedback tools are the 2nd most used software solutions

User satisfaction is definitely one of the most important metrics for player support teams. Asking for user feedback helps gaming companies understand how well their products and services are received by their audiences.

When building a user feedback flow for your gaming company, make sure you:

  • Make surveys easy to understand and complete,
  • Ask for feedback at the right time,
  • Follow up on positive and negative feedback,
  • Track results over time,
  • Use user feedback as social proof in marketing.
UserVoice is the most popular choice of user feedback tools in the top gaming companies – used by 5 out of the top 20 gaming companies (Nintendo, Ubisoft, Bandai Namco Entertainment, Nexon, and NCSoft).

SurveyMonkey was the second most used user survey solution, followed by MarketSight Survey Data Analysis. Read more about building successful user feedback strategies here.

3 Player Support Tools Used by Top Gaming Companies

45% of the top gaming companies have player communities

The gaming industry stands out from the rest of the B2C businesses because of the high proportion of companies using community management software – 45% of the top 20 gaming companies use at least one platform for building a dedicated online hub for communicating with their players.

Here are the main reasons why all gaming companies should consider creating player forums:

  • Engage with the community in your own channel,
  • Grow user loyalty through increased user engagement,
  • Boost sales through upsells and cross-sells.
25% of the top gaming companies use vBulletin to manage their community sites. For example, Ubisoft Forums are powered by this platform.

Vanilla Forums is the second most popular choice in this category.

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3 Player Support Tools Used by Top Gaming Companies

Bonus: Player Support quality tools are on the rise

These days, challenge number one for player support teams is keeping up with the increased workload. Challenge number two is maintaining the quality of customer conversations. Luckily, more and more Player Support quality tools are popping up to help you turn the second challenge into your winning edge.

Here’s how conversation review tools help you maintain a consistently high support quality:

  • Scorecards allow you to analyze and assess your agents’ interactions,
  • Freeform comment areas are there to leave feedback for improvements,
  • Easy reporting helps you keep track of your team’s performance over time.

3 Player Support Tools Used by Top Gaming Companies

While the gaming industry has been booming in the past months, the people behind these companies have not had a chance to rest on their laurels. With a sharp increase in active user numbers, the demand for player support is higher than ever before.

Choosing the right tools for your team can make a real difference in your customer experience. The more efficient your customer service processes are, and the better the conversation quality of your team is, the more likely your gaming company is to benefit from the times when people are looking for entertainment at home.

A lean helpdesk solution, proper user feedback tooling, and engaging player community are the most important CX solutions used by top-performing gaming companies.

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