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Como a Dreem definiu uma estratégia de atendimento ao cliente para melhorar o CSAT

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Dreem is a tech company devoted to helping people overcome sleep issues. Their headband and app help people track their sleeping patterns and get the necessary coaching to have a good night’s sleep.

What helps Dreem’s own team sleep peacefully at night (besides the headband, of course), is knowing that their customers are in good hands at all times. Excellent customer care is a company-wide strategy in Dreem and their support agents have the responsibility to keep:

When the team faced a CSAT score of 80% last year, they knew they had to up their game. So, they implemented a number of internal procedures to boost the quality of their customer service – and conversation reviews were one of those initiatives.

Reasons for doing conversation reviews

With a strong focus on the quality of customer service, Dreem’s care team had always kept an eye on the feedback they got from their customers. When they noticed they were consistently missing their 90% CSAT goal, and starting to receive reviews pointing to weaknesses in their customer care, it was time to act. They decided to take a two-fold approach to tackle their quality issues.

  • First, they started reviewing agents’ responses to get a clear overview of how their team is doingConversation reviews point out agents’ areas of improvement and, with constructive feedback, help them become better at what they do.
  • Secondly, Dreem started paying extra attention to agents’ onboarding and training programs. Keeping agents’ product knowledge up-to-date requires constant work and results in a consistently high level of support quality across agents and support channels.

Besides product knowledge, Dreem wanted to synchronize agents’ soft skills like empathy and personalization, too. Having a unified vision of what the company should sound like helps keep communication consistent. Customer service is, after all, the voice of the company and should always be the same regardless of the agent the customer talks to.

The target of conversation reviews was to improve CSAT and make sure that we are all aligned on what we say,” explains Jonathan Benghozi, the Head of Customer Care at Dreem.

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Conversation review setup at Dreem

Internal feedback was a logical step towards Dreem’s goal to improve the quality of their customer care. Knowing that some users were not fully satisfied with the conversations they’d had with the company, meant that the team had to start analyzing their own interactions to understand how they could start providing better support.

Here’s how conversation reviews work for Dreem’s current customer care team of six agents:

  • Review form: As the manager is more senior than the other agents in the team, conversation reviews are done in the form of manager reviews. However, Dreem’s Head of Customer Care says that the feedback form could evolve in the future (to peer reviews, for example) as the team gains more skills and experience.
  • Review volume: The manager reviews 5-10 randomly selected conversations per agent every week. It takes about one hour for the manager to conduct those internal quality evaluations.
  • Rating categories: With the previously described goals in mind, Dreem set up the following quality criteria: Soft skills like empathy, clarity, grammar; Technical skills like product knowledge; * Adherence to internal processes.
  • Conversation review tool: Dreem uses Klaus as their support QA tool, which is connected to their Zendesk help desk account.

All in all, Dreem has set up a very straight-forward and convenient internal customer care quality program. Feedback takes up just an hour of the manager’s time every week and covers a decent proportion of agents’ conversations.

“There were no challenges at all,” adds Jonathan Benghozi, Dreem’s Head of Customer Care, “conversation reviews were quite easy to introduce and follow.

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Continuous quality strategy

Dreem’s customer care agents discuss the findings of conversation reviews with their manager in weekly 1-on-1 meetings. Weekly reviews keep the feedback relevant and timely.

Conversation reviews, training, and onboarding are the most important components that make up Dreem’s customer care quality program. All those efforts have paid off for the team: Dreem’s CSAT has improved from 80% to 90%.

Keeping that high level of quality requires a lot of work. We’re happy to see that Klaus is making it easier for companies like Dreem to conduct internal customer service reviews, and is, thus, playing an important part in improving the quality of their customer care.

If you’d like to start doing conversation reviews, check out Klaus. It integrates with all of the major help desk solutions and can save up to 70% of the time you’d otherwise spend on ticket scoring and agent feedback.

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