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MaestroQA Competitors and Alternatives

Quality management10 MIN READMay 24, 2021

MaestroQA Competitors and Alternatives


Omnichannel quality management platforms such as MaestroQA are a staple in a successful support leader’s tool stack. It’s the most efficient way to improve your support quality and facilitate regular agent feedback, bringing consistency to your customer interactions.

With numerous options on the market, it can be difficult to choose a solution fit for your team’s needs. We’ve created this list of MaestroQA competitors and alternatives to help and make this daunting task a tiny bit easier.

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What is Support QA?

Customer Support Quality Assurance (QA) is like code review for software developers or the editorial process for writers: it’s a systematic means of training and onboarding agents by reviewing their support interactions. The goal of support QA is to improve and maintain support quality.

Luckily, you’re not left to master this alone. Advanced tools for support quality management can help you understand, automate, and improve your support team. 

Support QA has become a standard practice for all quality-oriented and ambitious customer service teams. Though simple in nature, these procedures can bring immense value to your business: customer service quality assurance can grow customer loyalty and retention and boost your business results.

Customer service QA aligns all your training, coaching, and quality monitoring procedures with your internal quality standards. This way you’ll provide quality customer care consistently across all support channels and agents.

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What is Support QA?

How to select the most suitable QA platform?

With an increased demand for customer service quality, the support QA software market has been booming in recent years. Here’s what to consider when choosing the right software for your business.

  • Features
  • Help desk & other integrations
  • Pricing
  • Scalability
  • User experience
  • Reliability and support

List of MaestroQA competitors and alternatives

1. Klaus

Klaus Screenshot

“Klaus is really user-friendly. It makes QA amongst my teammates really valuable. We hadn’t used any other tools before and Klaus has proven to be what works best on both ends. Their support team is great too.” (via Capterra)

Klaus is a quality management platform for support teams that measurably improves customer service quality by making internal feedback easy and systematic.

✅ Improved CSAT & efficiency metrics after the first month of usage.

✅ Impactful coaching sessions and 1-1s based on performance metrics and conversation examples.

✅ Actionable metrics to track quality and identify issues as they arise.

✅ 90% time saved compared to doing reviews manually using spreadsheets.

Klaus integrates with the most popular help desks such as Zendesk, Intercom, Aircall, and 14 more

⭐️ Capterra Rating 4.8/5

2. Observe.AI

Observe.AI Call center quality assurance tool and alternatives

“II like how automated it is. I will score my calls with pre-defined moments and attributes I am looking for.” (via Capterra)

Observe.AI allows to rapidly transcribe customer conversations, evaluate agents, improve CX quality, and coach high-performing teams.

✅ Access highly accurate transcripts. Search and filter through 100% of conversations in real time.

✅ Automatically surface interactions to review. Dig deeper into areas like supervisor escalations, dead air, and hold time.

✅ Learn what drives a positive or negative customer experience. Scale the best practices top agents use with customers.

⭐️ Capterra Rating 4.5/5

3. Calabrio

calabrio screenshot

Calabrio Quality Management allows you to understand the complete agent and customer experience and provide more targeted coaching, no matter where your employees are working – all while helping ensure compliance and improving overall contact center performance.

✅ Create a quality command center. All your evaluation tools in one place.

✅ Streamline processes and reporting – Stop manually creating reports.

✅ Automatically monitor system issues. Get immediate notifications. Examine potential errors. Stay ahead of problems and minimize downtime.

Calabrio integrates with popular help desks such as Talkdesk, Five9, Gladly, and more.

4. Kaizo

Kaizo support QA

Powered by gamification and AI, Kaizo transforms performance management for

customer support teams.

✅ Analyze performance with real-time agent & team metrics, dashboards, and trends.

✅ Improve service quality with advanced QA integrated into your processes.

✅ Empower agents to understand and proactively improve their performance.

✅ Save time on manual report building with real-time dashboards & KPI management.

Kaizo integrates with Zendesk.

5. EvaluAgent

EvaluAgent and support QA alternatives on the Zendesk marketplace

“It has given us more flexibility with our QA. It’s allowed us to monitor closely and with the Agent side of things now being live, it will open a new world from their point of view of having instant access. This, in turn, should improve the service we are providing to our customers.“ (via Capterra)

EvaluAgent is a QA and Performance Improvement platform that helps Quality Assurance teams increase coverage, unlock actionable insight, and coach agents towards better conversations with your customers.  

✅ Save time and money by storing all conversations, QA and performance data in one platform.

✅ Quickly identify at-risk conversations and correlate customer feedback with your internal quality scores to make sure your QA framework is measuring what matters.

✅ Increase QA coverage by classifying and auto-scoring every call, email, and chat session for CX and regulatory compliance.

? EvaluAgent integrates easily with all major CRM, WFM, telephony, call recording, and ticket management systems.

⭐️ Capterra Rating 4.6/5

6. Aprikot


The easiest solution for improving QA for Zendesk or Help Scout teams.

✅ Assign scores, leave comments, and complete reviews without opening up another application or tab.

✅ Quickly view team or agent-level performance to see averages, trends, strengths, and areas for improvement. Easily look up feedback by date, agent or specific ticket number.

✅ Customize the rubric based on what works best for your operations and QA needs.

? Aprikot integrates with Help Scout and Zendesk.

7. Scorebuddy

Scorebuddy and other call center QA apps on the Zendesk marketplace

“We have managed to reduce our average handling times for quality monitoring, as the software enables us to automate more of the process which was previously conducted using Excel tools.“ (via Capterra)

Scorebuddy is a cloud-based quality assurance software that evaluates customer interactions across multiple channels, calls, emails, live chat, and social media.

✅ Create the scorecard you want with Scorebuddy’s intuitive Scorecard builder. Set up as many different scorecards as you like to evaluate phone calls, emails, chat, etc.

✅ Scorebuddy’s powerful analytics tool allows you to spot trends and exceptions so you can manage, coach, and improve. 

✅ Give agents their own dashboards showing their quality scores and any coaching tips from the evaluator. They get alerted when a new score is submitted.

Scorebuddy integrates with Salesforce, Zendesk, Five9, Talkdesk.

⭐️ Capterra Rating 4.5/5

Check out this list of best Scorebuddy alternatives and competitors.

8. Miuros


Miuros turns your data into actionable insights with AI-powered analytics, quality assurance, and automation.

✅ Based on your selection criteria, Miuros’ QA system will unbiasedly choose and assign the most important tickets to be reviewed – so you don’t have to cherry-pick. 

✅ Across all communication channels for all teams. Have all the results centralized, giving you quick and easy access to improvements.

✅ Benchmark your agents, teams, or business process outsourcers in an instant – and let your agents assess their own performance on the go.

Miuros integrates with Zendesk, Freshdesk, Help Scout, and 4 other help desks.

9. Stella Connect

Stella Connect and customer service Quality Assurance tool alternatives on the Zendesk app marketplace

“ I use this multiple times per day. Provides customer feedback in a simple, straightforward way.“ (via Capterra)

Stella Connect by Medallia is the first platform that connects customer feedback, QA, and coaching, giving CX leaders visibility into performance and driving the improvement of frontline teams. 

✅ Stella Connect makes it easy to launch QA reviews off actual customer feedback. 

✅  With Stella Connect, team leaders can view a real-time list of interactions and instantly launch a review.

✅ Fully customize your scorecard based on your team’s specific needs. Leverage auto-fail questions, weigh your scoring on a per-section basis, and categorize questions into sections.

?  Stella Connect integrates with Zendesk, Salesforce, Kustomer, and 17 other vendors. 

⭐️ Capterra Rating 5/5

10. Playvox

Playvox and other support Quality Assurance tools on the Zendesk App Marketplace

“PlayVox is an amazing tool that allows you to do all your quality assurance checks and coaching session in one place. We love the ability to create scorecards dynamic to our workflows and communication channels.” (via Capterra)

Playvox equips modern businesses and BPOs with the most comprehensive, collaborative, and insightful agent optimization suite of Quality Assurance, Performance Management, Coaching, Learning, Voice of the Customer, Workforce Management, and Agent Motivation software.

✅ Improve CSAT, NPS, and the customer experience.

✅ Create powerful and beautiful scorecards in minutes.

✅ Clear-cut filtering, prioritizing and evaluating.

?  Playvox integrates with Salesforce, Zendesk, Helpshift, and 9 other help desks.

⭐️ Capterra Rating 4.8/5

? Check out this list of Playvox competitors and alternatives.

Still unsure which MaestroQA alternative to go with?

We hope this list of MaestroQA competitors and alternatives helped you in choosing the right tool for your team. Still unsure which platform to go with? Check out our more extensive list of Top Customer Service Quality Assurance Tools, where we listed 13 support QA software – each with its own pros. And a bonus block on how to make the switch from one tool to another:

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