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7 Aircall Integrations to Take Your Voice Support to The Next Level

Customer service8 MIN READJul 10, 2023

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As one of the most-trusted call center platforms, Aircall comes with a host of powerful features like Power Dialer, Call Recordings, Skill-based routing, and IVR, which equip you with (almost) everything you need to streamline your phone support.  

Then, for features that might be outside of the built-in functionality, Aircall offers plenty of integrations that further boost the quality of phone support you provide.

What are Aircall integrations?

Integrations are additional tools you can link to Aircall’s phone system. They offer even more functionalities to your support teams without the need to continuously flip between different applications.

This means that your customer support teams can access and use a wider variety of features all within one system, enhancing their efficiency and effectiveness in providing support. These integrations not only expand Aircall’s functionality but also streamline your workflow, making it easier to manage and improve your phone support services.

There are different Aircall integrations to choose from:

  • Quality assurance software: Integrate your Aircall phone account with a quality assurance platform to have a complete picture of your support quality (and improve it with time).
  • Productivity tools: Aircall works with lots of tools that let customer service agents talk to each other, work together, and get more done.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems: Aircall integrates with popular CRM tools, allowing you to align your sales and support efforts by sharing customer data between the systems.
  • Data analytics software: You can connect Aircall with apps that help you understand customer behavior and how well your customer service team is doing.

The tough part is that there are so many apps to choose from. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a list of the best Aircall integrations that all customer service teams need to better customer experience, productivity, and business results.

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Aircall integration: Klaus 

Klaus is a quality management solution tool that makes it easy to review how your support agents interact with customers, and offer them feedback & coaching.

When you integrate Aircall with Klaus, you’ll be able to automatically log in all customer tickets from Aircall to Klaus. You can then design a custom QA scorecard system based on your company’s quality standards, choose the tickets you want to review, and use voice QA features to start providing constructive feedback that helps your agents improve.

Klaus’s dashboard gives you a unique perspective on your support team’s performance. If your customer service quality begins to shift, you can take action to correct it before it becomes a serious problem. This can help improve your support quality, bring consistency to your agents’ responses, and lead to better conversations.

✨ Did you know that Klaus’ AutoQA feature offers a thorough and impartial review of all your customer conversations by automatically assessing tickets? It can handle multiple categories and languages, which assists you in managing a high volume of tickets more efficiently.

Try AutoQA yourself

Aircall app: Avoma

Avoma is an intelligent assistant that helps you transcribe your inbound and outbound calls to get summarized notes and actionable insights from every conversation.

This tool identifies every individual speaker from a conversation along with their talk time, so you can instantly share the most important snippets with your team to let them hear exactly what the customer had to say. 

It even allows you to dive deep into your call center conversation analytics and understand what your top-performing agents are doing well or see how a certain keyword is trending over time. 

Avoma - website screenshot.

Weather by Aircall

What’s the easiest way to start a conversation with someone from across the globe you’re speaking to for the first time? 

By talking about the weather of course! It’s an ice-breaker as old as time itself. 

Weather by Aircall is a simple yet handy integration that allows you to see the weather, location, and temperature of the caller based on their phone number, giving you a simple way to start conversations and engage customers in a more purrr-sonalized manner. It works seamlessly for inbound and outbound calls.

Weather by Aircall - screenshot.

Aircall integration: Slack 

Slack is a productivity tool that facilitates team communication and collaboration.

Its integration with Aircall allows you to create dedicated channels to receive real-time alerts whenever an important event has occurred and gather all your call information directly in Slack. 

You can use this Aircall integration to respond instantly to callers or just keep up to date by receiving notifications when a call wraps up, a new contact is made, or when a customer’s status changes.

Slack — screenshot.

Aircall app: Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a leading CRM service that makes building relationships with customers more efficient than ever.

The integration with Aircall ensures all your phone call data (recordings, notes, new contacts, tickets & more) is automatically synced into Pipedrive. This means your agents will have complete context about each customer and all the information they need to deliver a truly personalized experience. 

Additionally, you can even track all your contact changes made on Aircall calls directly inside Pipedrive.

Pipedrive — screenshot.

Aircall integration: Geckoboard

Geckoboard’s real-time dashboards can easily display all relevant customer service metrics to keep track of.

Thanks to Geckoboard’s integration with Aircall, you can show live data like agent availability, call wait time, missed calls, and call duration. Its versatile widget builder lets you filter stats based on various factors, making data visualization a breeze even without design expertise.

You can share these dashboards with anyone who needs to see them every day, either by a link, showing them on a big screen, or through a daily post in a Slack channel.

Geckoboard - website screenshot.

Aircall app: Make

Make is a visual platform that allows you to design and automate anything — from straightforward tasks to intricate workflows — in just a few minutes. With its fun drag-and-drop interface, you can connect other Aircall apps with a few clicks.

It’s fast, easy to use, visually straightforward, and doesn’t require any coding skills. The possibilities are endless since you can create customized workflows based on your own unique scenarios. 

✨ Is there an app missing from Aircall’s marketplace? Use Make’s no-code toolset, which includes a generic HTTP app that lets you link to any app or service with an API.

Klaus with the necessary tools.

Best Aircall integrations revealed

Aircall is THE call center software you need if you’re trying to make phone support your competitive advantage. To go way beyond the ability to make and receive calls, pair Aircall with the available integrations.

There are plenty of Aircall integrations you can use to improve phone support and customer satisfaction. If you need some inspiration, take a look at the list of integrations above. From checking the quality of your service with Klaus, to tracking relevant KPIs with Geckoboard, there’s a tool for almost everything your support team needs.

So go ahead, use the power of Aircall and its extra tools, and take your customer support to the next level!

Originally published in December 2021; last updated in July 2023.

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