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Scale your support quality 50x with AutoQA

Have every ticket reviewed and analyzed for a complete, unbiased understanding of your customer interactions – 100% coverage guaranteed.

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The next generation of AI in quality assurance

Instant access to 100% coverage

Move from reviewing a mere 2-5% of tickets to automatically evaluating all conversations and agents across multiple categories and languages
  • Plug & play solution – no coding or training required. Simply step in and see the magic unfold.
  • Get a consistent, objective overview of your customer conversations, even with huge ticket volumes.
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Automate and standardize your quality assurance processes

Deliver increased accuracy and identify errors potentially missed by your human reviewers – ensuring your support quality is always top-notch with AutoQA categories:
  • Closing
  • Tone
  • Empathy
  • Greeting
  • Solution
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Enrich your help desk data with AI-powered functionalities

Understand what’s working (and what’s not!) with Klaus’ powerful conversation analytics and visual dashboards.
  • Sentiment Analysis to find conversations where the customer displayed delight or frustration.
  • Out-of-the-box multilingual support in 100+ languages
  • Spotlight for smart sampling & discovering conversations that are critical to review.
  • Conversation Insights’ powerful data-mining capabilities to make sense of your help desk data.
Klaus AutoQA Dashboard 2

Drive revenue through exceptional customer service

  • Automatically cover all agents & hidden gems of information, no matter the ticket volume
  • Identify areas of improvement quickly and eliminate compliance risks
  • Provide targeted coaching to efficiently improve people & processes

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