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9 Intercom Integrations for Ambitious Support Teams

Customer service10 MIN READJul 7, 2023

9 Intercom Integrations for Ambitious Support Teams

Intercom is a messaging platform that needs no introduction. This well-known solution combines core features for customer communication, support, and lead generation into one powerful tool.

Besides the numerous features on the platform itself — as a bonus, you can make brilliant use of the hundreds of third-party apps available on the Intercom App Store.

What are Intercom integrations?

Intercom integrations are extra tools that you can connect to your Intercom account. They give you more features and capabilities without the need to switch between different software solutions all the time.

This means your customer service team can have everything they need in one place, making them faster and better at their jobs.

Here are some types of tools you can add to Intercom:

  • Quality assurance software: Integrate your Intercom account with a quality assurance platform to have a complete picture of your support quality (and improve it with time).
  • Automation tools: You can also connect Intercom with marketing tools. This makes it easy for your team to create, send out, and keep track of videos, emails, and text messages, just to name a few.
  • E-commerce platforms: If you’re selling online via e-comm platforms, your team can easily track customer orders and payments via Intercom.
  • Productivity software: Intercom integrates with plenty of tools that allow customer service teams to communicate with each other, work together, and be more productive in the long run.
  • Data analysis tools: You can connect Intercom with software that helps you understand customer behavior and how well your customer service team is doing.

The only problem is that there are so many integrations to pick from. In case you’re feline lost, here’s a list of the top Intercom integrations that all customer service teams need to improve customer experience, productivity, and business results.

Klaus with the necessary tools.

Top Intercom integrations: Klaus

Klaus is a quality management solution tool that makes it easy to review how your support agents interact with customers, and offer them feedback & coaching.

When you integrate both platforms, you can automatically create & pull in all customer tickets from Intercom. Then, you can create a custom scorecard based on your company’s quality standards, filter out tickets you’d like to see, review Intercom conversations, and start leaving valuable feedback that helps agents improve.

You can use Klaus’s dashboard to get a unique view of how well your support team is performing. If your customer service quality starts to change, you can take corrective action before it becomes a major issue. Raise the quality of your support, bring consistency to your support agents’ replies, and watch your support KPIs like CSAT skyrocket!

Klaus’s AutoQA feature offers a comprehensive and unbiased look at all your customer conversations by automatically assessing tickets. It can handle multiple categories and languages, which helps you deal with a large number of tickets more quickly.

Intercom app: Statuspage

Statuspage is a powerful tool that can help decrease the number of incoming support queries by proactively displaying crucial outage information to customers.

Instead of reaching out to your support team, your customers can view the current system status on their own. This self-service approach gives your customers instant access to the information they need, freeing up your agents to handle more complex inquiries.

The benefits of the Statuspage app aren’t limited to your customers. It also empowers your team with real-time system status information right from the Inbox. This feature allows them to stay updated on the current situation, enabling them to provide accurate information to the customers who do reach out.

✨ Statuspage brings your product status information into the Intercom conversations. Moreover, it allows your customers to sign up for updates directly through Intercom Messenger. As soon as there’s a change in the system status, they will be alerted automatically.

Statuspage - screenshot.

Top Intercom apps: FullStory

FullStory aims to clear up the confusion of vague support tickets or low customer feedback scores without any explanation. It uses top-notch technology to replay customer sessions, showing you exactly what a customer did on your site or app, and how you can make their experience better.

When you connect FullStory to Intercom, it becomes even easier to help your app users or website visitors. You can quickly check out a customer’s recent activity from your Intercom dashboard, making it easy to figure out any problems they’re having, decipher user feedback, and pass on any technical issues to your engineering team.

You can also ‘Go Live’ with your customers during a Live Chat session. This lets you see exactly what your customer is seeing on their screen in real-time, and offer help based on what they’re looking at. And the best part is, your customer doesn’t need to download anything extra.

✨ On top of that, you can set up automatic support. This means that Live Chats and messages are sent to your customers as soon as they start having trouble on your site or app. This way, you can offer help exactly when it’s needed.

FullStory - screenshot.

Top Intercom integrations: Chargebee for Inbox

Chargebee for Inbox is an app that pulls your customers’ subscription and invoice details into your Intercom conversations. This will save your agents lots of time they’d otherwise spend manually looking up customer data from your back office.

Chargebee is a two-way integration — not only can you see customer details, but you can also make changes to their subscriptions directly from Intercom. Agents can create new subscriptions, request payment methods, and even collect payments right inside their Intercom inbox.

Chargebee Subscription Billing app lets you sync relevant customer data (e.g., name, email address, subscription plan, card expiration dates, etc) into your Intercom account as well.

Chargebee - screenshot.

Top Intercom apps: Geckoboard

Geckoboard offers live data dashboards that help to make your team’s key metrics and objectives highly visible. This allows your customer service team to make decisions quickly, prioritize appropriately, and maintain consistent performance.

You can set up and share custom, real-time dashboards in just a few minutes. These dashboards draw customer data from your Intercom account along with a variety of other sources like Salesforce, Google Analytics, Spreadsheets, and even your own custom systems. This multifaceted data integration allows you to have a comprehensive view of your operations.

✨Geckoboard is equipped to support Intercom’s main support metrics, such as the First Response Time, Resolution Time, and the number of unassigned conversations. It also lets you filter these metrics by assignee, state, and other parameters. This way, you can display the exact, live metrics you need on your dashboard, ensuring your team is always informed and responsive to changes.

Geckoboard - screenshot.

Top Intercom apps: Blendo

Blendo simplifies data access remarkably — it empowers companies to send data from any source into their data warehouse.

Linking Blendo with Intercom makes your data work better as it lets you quickly move your customer info made in Intercom into one main spot. With this, you can easily mix it with info from payments, help from customer service, and event info, making it simple to report on info from lots of different places.

In other words, it will deliver insight into your users’ behavior and customer conversations in the form of actionable data for your segments with little effort.

✨ Companies have reported that Blendo has helped them increase their revenue by 15%.

Klaus tracking everything.

Top Intercom integrations: Assembled

Assembled is a support tool used by big brands to help their support teams provide great customer service.

It provides easy forecasting to help make staffing choices. Its powerful reporting helps you make smart decisions and keep track of team performance. It lets you see everything to make sure your outsourced operation runs smoothly.

✨ You can use its open API and CSV exports to move performance metrics in and out of your own tools for ready-to-go reports. Plus, it connects to your current tech stack so teams can focus more and switch tasks less.

Assembled - screenshot.

Top Intercom integrations: Calendly

Calendly lets support agents schedule meetings and demos directly from the Intercom chat widget. It’s the easiest way to let customers schedule a suitable time from the available timeslots in your agents’ calendars.

This smart scheduling system helps to dodge email ping-pongs and increase your team’s productivity. It’s also a good solution for distributing the workload among your staff.

✨ You can set up easy automation that identifies and invites only leads to arrange a meeting with you using bots in Intercom Messenger.

Calendly - screenshot.

Top Intercom integrations: Wistia

Integrating with Wistia helps you use videos in support interactions and track which videos are driving the most people to your customer-facing teams. That’s a great example of how your support, marketing, and sales teams can meet on the same platform.

By sending the videos and seeing their views directly in your Intercom account, you can determine which of your videos are most effective in helping customers or generating leads. What’s not to like about that?

✨ Wistia’s own support team delivers a 98% of Happiness Rating with responses that include videos.

An illustration of Klaus saying that's all folks.

Best Intercom integrations revealed

Integrating Intercom with additional tools is an effective strategy to boost your customer service team’s efficiency, productivity, and overall performance. From quality management with Klaus to data consolidation with Blendo or scheduling ease with Calendly, these top eight Intercom integrations are key to maximizing your team’s potential.

Remember that a well-equipped support team not only resolves customer issues swiftly but also contributes significantly to customer satisfaction and business growth. If “ambitious” is an adjective that you use to describe your team, you’re probably already using these Intercom apps – or signing up for trials as we speak.

Originally published in November 2019; last updated in July 2023.

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