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Best Zendesk Integrations to Improve Your Customer Service

Customer service9 MIN READJun 29, 2023

5 Zendesk Integrations to Enhance Your Customer Service


Zendesk is one of the most popular customer service help desk solutions out there – and rightfully so. It comes with a myriad of useful products and features for all support channels, so it’s easy to consolidate all customer-facing interactions on this single platform.

However, the paw-someness doesn’t stop there. If you’ve ever stepped into the Zendesk Marketplace, you know that there are (seven) hundred and one integrations that help you boost the efficiency and quality of your customer service.

What are Zendesk integrations?

Zendesk integrations are extra tools that you can link with Zendesk to help your customer service operations run even more smoothly.

Integrations bring more features and more data to the table, without the necessity to switch between the tools. This means that your customer service reps have everything they need in one spot, which makes their work faster and more efficient.

Zendesk can work together with many different types of tools, including:

  1. Quality assurance software: Integrate Zendesk account with quality assurance solutions to have a complete picture of your support quality.
  2. Social media tools: It can work with social media management software, allowing your customer service team to monitor support tickets in one place.
  3. Email Marketing tools: With email software, your team can send and manage email campaigns with ease.
  4. E-commerce platforms: If you’re working with e-comm platforms, your team can easily track customer orders and payments via Zendesk.
  5. Productivity tools: Zendesk can work with a range of tools to help customer service teams communicate, collaborate, ad improve productivity.
  6. Analytics: With a Zendesk integration, you can get more detailed info about customer behavior and how well your customer service team is working.

That being said — here’s a curated list of the top Zendesk integrations that all ambitious support teams should try out (if you haven’t already).

Klaus tracking everything.

Zendesk integration: Klaus

Klaus is a quality management solution tool that makes it easy to review support interactions and give feedback to your agents. This integration pulls all Zendesk tickets to Klaus, where you can evaluate your agents’ responses based on the scorecard that reflects your company’s internal quality standards.

You can also bring your Zendesk users over to Klaus and assign them agent or reviewer rights — the latter works great with peer reviews. You’ll also love the possibility to create random samples for review and to build custom filters for finding specific tickets.

✨ By automatically assessing support tickets, Klaus’ AutoQA gives you 100% coverage for a complete, unbiased overview of what is happening in your customer conversations. It takes into account multiple categories and languages to handle huge ticket volumes in less time.

Zendesk integration: Sprout Social

Your social team is awesome at interacting on social media. Your support team is fantastic at finding solutions. Does it sound familiar?

With the integration of Sprout Social and Zendesk, both teams can focus on what they’re really good at. This way, all your customers get a smooth, seamless customer experience without any mix-ups in communication or workflow.

✨ When you link Zendesk with your Sprout account, support agents using Zendesk and team members using Sprout can communicate with each other easily to fix problems. Make a support ticket from a customer message seen in Sprout Social, exchange comments, and close Zendesk tickets while keeping everything the same across both systems.

Sprout Social - screenshot.

Zendesk integration: Mailchimp

The Mailchimp Activity app allows your support team members to handle and keep track of all interactions with customers through Zendesk Support and Mailchimp, all in one spot. This app makes it easy for team members to see a complete picture of which emails a customer has received and what they did with each one.

✨ Stay ahead of your support requests and needs by reaching out to them first, instead of waiting for them to contact you. This makes your conversations with customers more personal, purposeful, and effective.

Mailchimp - screenshot.

Zendesk integration: Assembled

Assembled is a support operations platform designed to help companies like yours provide excellent customer service. The Zendesk integration keeps your team synchronized by displaying individual and team schedules right within the ticket sidebar and top bar. Agents can also get real-time status updates about changes to their schedules and reminders of upcoming events.

✨ Big brands such as Stripe, Zoom, Etsy, and Autodesk use Assembled’s workforce and vendor management features to make the best staffing decisions, have a clear view of performance and productivity, and discover new methods to meet changing customer needs.

Assembled - screenshot.

Zendesk integration: GoToAssist Remote Support

GoToAssist Remote Support offers screen-sharing inside Zendesk tickets. Many customer service teams love the opportunity to jump right into the product and show customers how to solve the issues they are experiencing. It’s a fast and efficient means of helping your users.

✨ Screen-sharing is also a great opportunity for doing demos. So, not only will your support team love this integration, other customer-facing folks like sales teams and customer success managers might find it useful too.

GoToAssist - screenshot.

Zendesk integration: Thank you GPT

You’re familiar with those “thank you” messages customers send after a ticket is resolved, right? They’re nice gestures but they reopen the existing ticket, requiring an agent to look into it and close it once again. These may seem like small tasks, but imagine dealing with thousands of them. That’s a lot of unnecessary time and cost!

Enter the Thank You GPT app: This app helps you save your agents’ time and your budget by automatically resolving the extra “thanks” messages from customers, allowing them to move on to more pressing issues.

✨ Easy automation to reduce manual work: The tool reviews all reopened tickets from customers, and uses GPT-4 & advanced AI to accurately interpret all variations and languages of “thank you” messages. If the response is just a thank you message, the app automatically resolves the existing ticket.

Zendesk integration: Geckoboard

Geckoboard makes sharing real-time Zendesk data with your team easy, so everyone can instantly understand how things are progressing throughout the day across various channels and apps, respond to issues quicker, and recognize their achievements.

Key features include easy dashboard creation with live data from Zendesk Support, automatic data refreshing, powerful filters, and easy-to-understand visualizations, among others. Geckoboard is the perfect reference guide for you to monitor KPIs and align your team toward the same goals.

✨ Keep your support standards high by seeing how you’re performing in real-time. Connect Zendesk account with Geckoboard to pull customer service data into one comprehensible dashboard. 

Geckoboard - screenshot.

Zendesk integration: FullStory

FullStory lets you watch replays of your customers’ sessions to get a crystal-clear understanding of what they’re struggling with. See what happened before, during, and after the user approached your customer service.

In addition to seeing the problems your customers are facing first-hand, you’ll see what they’ve already done to fix these issues on their own. This way agents don’t have to waste time (and the customers’ patience) on giving the same advice that the user has already tried out.

✨ You can easily copy and paste the replay link and share it with your developers. Those using JIRA for bug-tracking will benefit the most from FullStory, as they get to create new tickets for dev teams in just a few clicks.

FullStory - screenshot.

Top Zendesk integrations revealed

Zendesk stands out as one of the most effective customer service help desk solutions. It’s comprehensive and versatile, offering numerous features across all support channels, making it a one-stop platform for all customer interactions.

But the possibilities don’t end there. If you’ve browsed the Zendesk Marketplace, you know that there are countless custom integrations available that can elevate your customer service to new heights.

Zendesk integrations are supplementary tools that connect with Zendesk, enhancing the smooth functioning of your customer service operations. They bring additional features and data into the mix, eliminating the need to switch between apps. This way, your customer service reps have everything they need in a single location, expediting their work and boosting efficiency.

Zendesk offers a wide range of integrations, including quality assurance software, social media tools, email marketing apps, e-commerce platforms, productivity tools, and analytics software. These integrations help you asses your support quality, make communication and collaboration easy, and provide detailed insights about customer behavior and team performance.

We’ve done the legwork (so you don’t have to) and compiled a list of the best Zendesk integrations to help you improve your customer service.

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Originally published in August 2019; last updated in June 2023.

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