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Scaling your support team's efforts can be effortless

Klaus helps to understand your customer service quality, improve support KPIs, and boost customer loyalty

360-degree feedback

Provide consistently better answers

  • Combine internal quality reviews (IQS) with customer feedback (CSAT) for a full picture.
  • Boost response rates and written feedback with Klaus’ CSAT solution.
  • IQS helps track internal quality on the company, team and agent level.
  • Understand what drives your CSAT with our automatic CSAT comment categorization.

AI-powered quality assurance

Achieve 100% coverage and pinpoint conversations worth reviewing

  • Filter out conversations with positive or negative sentiment.
  • Easily find complex tickets and zoom in on conversations that need more attention.
  • Set up automatic review assignments and gain full visibility into goal completions without spreadsheets or reminders.

Klaus fits your processes and needs, not the other way around

  • Build scorecards that reflect your business needs.
  • Eliminate inconsistencies and bias with calibration sessions. Easily compare opinions and ensure an organization-wide quality standard.
  • Review conversations wherever they are happening with Klaus's browser extension.

Coaching & learning

Get your customer support agents up to speed

  • Keep track of real-time KPIs to ensure consistent performance and identify top and low-performers.
  • Boost morale and ensure your team feels supported with a regular flow of transparent and actionable feedback.
  • Notify agents when their tickets get reviewed. See who has viewed feedback directly within Klaus.

Identify coaching opportunities

  • Spot knowledge gaps, identify recurring issues, and uncover training needs.
  • Improve agent’s performance and encourage accountability with data-driven coaching.
  • Visually track trends and the impact your coaching efforts have on your team’s progress.
  • Establish a collaborative, transparent, and engaged working community through peer-to-peer reviews and self-reviews.

Analytics & trends

Measure support quality and capture trends

  • Identify which agents are underperforming or which parts of the customer experience or back-office operation are failing.
  • Recognize a decreasing knowledge trend and figure out whether this is at an agent level, common in a team, or is a wider issue.
  • Build stronger relationships between teams and ensure consistency and uniformity.

Understand the true relationship between CSAT, FCR, NPS – and quality

  • Get an instant overview of the big picture or drill into the details – up to you. Klaus' KPI dashboard helps you focus on the agents and processes that need your attention most.
  • Systematically improve resolution time, interactions per case, and customer satisfaction.

You’re in a great bunch

  • Luis Hernandez, VP Customer Success
    “We’re now sharing more information internally and providing ten times as much proactive advice between support agents than we did before.”
    Luis Hernandez, VP Customer Success
  • Katia Barsuk, Head of Global Support & Customer Success
    “Every client who contacts support should get a perfect answer regardless of the agent. Klaus allows to keep up that good level of quality.”
    Katia Barsuk, Head of Global Support & Customer Success
  • Simone Secci, Director of Support
    Great UI, super easy to integrate, accessible price. They really understand customer support and the needs of a team.”
    Simone Secci, Director of Support
  • Inese Oates, Head Of Customer Support
    “We are able to identify gaps in our team’s knowledge and support them to ensure everyone is trained on topics that are getting lower scores. It helps us ensure all our teams are using the same voice, empathy, and professionalism when solving issues our clients may face.”
    Inese Oates, Head Of Customer Support

Fastest ROI and implementation out of any quality management solution

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