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7 Freshdesk Integrations for Improving Service Quality

Customer service5 MIN READJan 9, 2020

7 Freshdesk Integrations for Improving Support Quality


Freshdesk is a customer service software that brings remarkable value to support teams across the globe – especially if you make use of the numerous Freshdesk integrations available on its marketplace. In addition to efficient customer service ticket management, it also offers omnichannel, AI-driven, and self-service solutions for advanced customer experiences.

Freshdesk Marketplace is full of third-party integrations that boost the quality and productivity of your support team. We’ve hand-picked the seven most valuable ones for you to bring more value to your customer service desk right away.


Klaus is a conversation review and support QA tool that helps customer service teams assess their own performance with regular internal quality checks. Fostering a regular feedback routine helps agents grow professionally and improves the quality of your service.

Klaus connects with your Freshdesk account to let reviewers assess support interactions right inside your help desk. Create a custom scorecard, track your Internal Quality Score, and watch your team excel with regular feedback.

Klaus’s dashboard offers a unique insight into your support team’s performance and allows you to zoom into each agent’s individual progress. Notice changes in your customer service quality and course-correct before it’s too late.



Chargebee is an automated subscription billing software that provides recurring billing solutions for businesses.

Integrate your Chargebee account with Freshdesk and let your support team view customers’ subscription details right inside the help desk. Agents get a quick overview of users’ plans and statuses, payment methods, total outstanding amounts, and other information they’d otherwise have to look up manually.



Geckoboard is a tool that lets you visualize data in clear and easily understandable dashboards. It’s the easiest way to monitor your KPIs and keep your team aligned towards the same goals.

Connect your Freshdesk account with Geckoboard to pull customer service data into one comprehensible dashboard. Visualize customer service metrics for your team and motivate them to hit their goals.



Wistia is a video marketing software that brings immense value to the customer service space with flexible video solutions.

Integrating Freshdesk with your Wistia account allows support agents to browse your company’s video materials right from inside your help desk. Attach videos to your support interactions to provide improved customer service experiences to your users.

Wistia Freshdesk app


Survicate is a customer feedback tool that helps you build products and services that your users will love. It offers various solutions for collecting customer feedback, including surveys and forms, NPS, mobile app surveys, and others.

The Freshdesk-Survicate integration makes customer surveys a seamless part of your support processes. Make the most out of your support interactions and learn what drives or destroys customer satisfaction for your company. 


Twilio provides communication APIs to add SMS and voice messaging to web and mobile applications. It offers easily usable building blocks that suit all businesses’ needs.

Connect Twilio with your Freshdesk account to send SMS notifications to your customers about ticket updates or other time-sensitive information. It’s often the fastest way that your agents can reach out to users for quick support solutions.



Harvestr is a feedback “harvesting” tool that turns support tickets into actionable requests for your product management team. It helps to manage customer feedback, prioritize features, and share product roadmaps.

Let your agents escalate tickets with valuable feedback to your product team with the help of the Freshdesk-Harvestr integration. Once the requested feature has been released, Harvestr will automatically notify your customers about your job well done.


Freshdesk is a great help desk software but you can bring even more value to it with third-party integrations.

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These were some of our favorite integrations that are available on the Freshdesk marketplace. Go ahead and give them a go right away to see how they improve the quality of your customer service and increase productivity in your team.

Which Freshdesk integrations do you use? Share your favorites with the community in the comments below.

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