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7 Freshdesk Integrations for Improving Service Quality

Customer service8 MIN READJul 5, 2023

7 Freshdesk Integrations for Improving Support Quality


Freshdesk is a customer service software that brings remarkable value to support teams across the globe. In addition to efficient customer service ticket management, it also offers omnichannel, AI-driven, and self-service solutions for advanced customer experiences — especially if you make use of its integrations.

In fact, Freshdesk Marketplace is full of third-party apps that boost the quality and productivity of your support team. Curious to know more?

Wait, what are Freshdesk integrations?

Freshdesk integrations are additional apps that connect with Freshdesk to provide extra capabilities and data, eliminating the need to juggle between different platforms.

As a result, your customer service team can have all the tools they need in one place, boosting their speed, productivity, and support quality.

Freshdesk users can leverage a variety of additional tools, including:

  1. Quality assurance software: By integrating Freshdesk with quality assurance solutions, you get a comprehensive view of the quality of your support.

  2. Marketing automation tools: With the Freshdesk integration of marketing automation tools, your team can effortlessly design, send, and manage email and SMS campaigns to customers.

  3. Productivity tools: Freshdesk can be linked with numerous tools designed to enhance communication, collaboration, and productivity within your customer service team.

  4. Analytics software: Integrating Freshdesk with analytic tools offers more in-depth insights into customer behaviors and the performance of your customer service team.

The only issue is the vast number of integrations to choose from. We’ve hand-picked the seven most valuable ones for you to bring more value to your customer service desk right away.

Freshdesk integration: Klaus

Klaus is a quality management solution tool that makes it easy to review support interactions and give feedback to your agents.

When integrated, Klaus seamlessly retrieves all Freshdesk tickets, allowing you to assess your agents’ responses based on a QA scorecard that mirrors your business’s internal quality standards.

Klaus’s dashboard offers a unique insight into your support team’s performance and allows you to zoom into each agent’s individual progress. This way, you can notice changes in your customer service quality and course-correct before it’s too late.

✨ By leveraging automatic ticket assessments, Klaus’ AutoQA delivers complete and impartial visibility into your customer interactions, ensuring you never miss a thing. It caters to numerous categories and languages, facilitating the handling of large volumes of tickets in less time.

Freshdesk integration: Chargebee

Chargebee is an automated subscription billing software that provides recurring billing solutions for businesses.

Integrate your Chargebee account with Freshdesk and let your support team view customers’ subscription details right inside the help desk. To be more specific, your team can see the following:

  • Subscription ID
  • Subscription Plan & Status
  • Payment Method that the customer uses
  • Total Unpaid Amount (total outstanding amount/sum of unpaid invoices)
  • Timeline of the Subscription Lifecycle

This way, your agents get a quick overview of users’ plans and statuses, payment methods, total outstanding amounts, and other information they’d otherwise have to look up manually.


Freshdesk integration: Geckoboard

Geckoboard lets you visualize the existing data in clear and easily understandable dashboards. It’s the easiest way to monitor your KPIs and align your team toward the same goals.

Connect your Freshdesk account with Geckoboard to pull customer service data into one comprehensible dashboard. Then, get your team involved by sharing your Geckoboard dashboards via a dedicated link, an invitation to join your Geckoboard account, or automatic posts to Slack daily, weekly, or monthly.

It’s a great way to show your team (and everyone else in your company) what’s happening with your support team right meow.


Freshdesk integration: Wistia

Wistia is a video marketing software that brings immense value to the customer service space with flexible video solutions.

Integrating Freshdesk with your Wistia account allows support agents to browse your company’s video materials right from inside your help desk. This way, your team can:

  1. Put a video link into a support ticket.
  2. Keep track of who’s watching your videos by connecting their email address with your Wistia stats.
  3. When a video is shared, the app can automatically tag your Freshdesk tickets. This makes it easier to check how happy customers are and how long it takes to solve their problems.

Wistia Freshdesk app

Freshdesk integration: Twilio

Text messaging it’s often the fastest way your agents can reach customers for quick support solutions. Twilio provides communication APIs to add SMS and voice messaging to web and mobile applications.

Connect Twilio with your Freshdesk account to send SMS notifications to your customers about new ticket status updates or other time-sensitive information: Customers get a text when their ticket status changes, or when there’s a new response or public note on their ticket. There are templates for these texts that can be changed in the app settings, while agents can also send custom messages to the person who opened the ticket.


Freshdesk integration: Harvestr

Harvestr is a feedback “harvesting” tool that turns support tickets into actionable requests for your product management team. It helps to manage customer feedback, prioritize features, and share product roadmaps.

With Harvestr, you can take the feedback from Freshdesk tickets and share it with your product team. This can help you add new features to your product faster, which will make your customers happy and reduce the workload for your support team.

Support teams using Freshdesk can also keep track of what happens to each piece of feedback in the product plans. When a new feature is ready, Harvestr makes it really easy to let customers know and give them a great experience with your service.

Let your agents escalate tickets with valuable feedback to your product team with the help of the Freshdesk-Harvestr integration. Once the requested feature has been released, Harvestr will automatically give alerts to notify your customers about your job well done.


Freshdesk integration: AI Ticket Summary

When a Freshdesk ticket comes in, an agent must decide how to prioritize it, who is best equipped to handle the problem and sense the customer’s sentiment. While a seasoned customer service agent might be able to make these judgments quickly, it can become challenging when dealing with an influx of tickets and customers awaiting a solution.

That’s where AI Ticket Summary proves its value. It can automatically scan customer requests, understanding their sentiment, tone, and language. This information is used to correctly route and prioritize the issue, ensuring it’s handled by the most suitable agent who can effectively resolve it.

✨ The whole process is automatically activated every time a new ticket is created or a customer responds to a ticket.

Klaus being impressed with a customer Service robot that doesn't take naps.

Which Freshdesk integration is your favorite?

Freshdesk is a great help desk software but you can bring even more value to it with third-party apps.

The best thing is that Freshdesk provides an ecosystem of tools that make it easy to customize your support desk to meet your needs. From Klaus’s quality assurance software to Harvestr’s ability to turn Freshdesk tickets into actionable items, these seven apps offer a robust way to improve your customer service quality. Each tool brings its unique strengths to the table, allowing you to tailor your support strategy and keep your customers happy.

Go ahead and give them a go right away to see how they improve the quality of your customer service and increase productivity in your team. If something else is missing, make sure to give the Freshdesk marketplace a thorough search.

Originally published in January 2020; last updated in July 2023.

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