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Klaus 2020: A Year in (Conversation) Review

Quality assurance7 MIN READJan 5, 2021

Klaus 2020: A Year in (Conversation) Review


2020 was an unprecedented year that deserves a place in history books. Here’s the latest chapter in the story of Klaus, the innovator of customer service quality. Let’s look back at what we built, released, integrated, and updated in the past 12 months.

Here’s 2020 wrapped into a neat infographic. Scroll down for a full-text edition.


Expanding our helpdesk horizons with five new integrations

We know that the process of getting tickets and call recordings from the helpdesk to a conversation review environment can be a real bottleneck in the QA setup. That’s why we’re constantly putting extra effort into building seamless integrations with other support software.

We’re proud to end 2020 with 17 native integrations under our belt, including the latest additions:

Did Santa Klaus forget about the helpdesk software that you’re using? Time to leave a nice (or naughty) comment about this in our online CX community Quality Tribe.  

Uniting people at a distance in the online community Quality Tribe

Did we mention that we have a global online CX community called the Quality Tribe? The truth is that we missed hanging out with you and the rest of the support folks so much that we decided to build a place to invite you over, virtually. 

If you haven’t paid a visit yet, now is a good time as any. Here’s what’s waiting for you in the (free forever) support quality community: 

  • Discussions about QA, calibrations, scorecards, and everything related to CX quality,
  • Open topics and questions revolving around company culture, team morale, and leadership,
  • Global job board for customer service professionals,
  • Best practices for coaching and onboarding team members,
  • Dedicated space for asking for any Klaus-related questions, provide feedback, send feature requests, and share your ideas.

All of the content is provided by members of the global support community – like you. So, please come over and share your insight and experiences in the world of customer service. 

Leveling up support quality with a brand new quality dashboard

You talked, and we listened. A decent support quality dashboard was dearly missed in (and requested by) so many customer service teams that we lost count in the second week of January. 

So, we built a quality dashboard that helps you understand how your team is performing at any given time. This beautiful creation comes with:

  • Intuitive data analysis at its core in the form of easy-to-use filters, pre-assembled content blocks, ticket by ticket breakdown, and other nifty views and functionalities.
  • Support quality indicators, aka your most important KPIs: Internal Quality Score, period-over-period change, number of tickets rated, and quality data points in the current period.

With 10% of customer service teams now focusing mostly on their IQS scores over other support metrics, we could not have released the quality dashboard at a better time. If you haven’t been reporting your IQS scores until now, it’s easier to start than ever before. 

Streamlining support QA with new features and functionalities

We haven’t been resting on the laurels after launching our epic quality dashboard. On average, we released one major feature or functionality every single month in 2020. 

Here are the most important product updates that have had the biggest impact on the customer service teams using Klaus:

  • Calibration eliminates inconsistencies and bias through calibration sessions. You can now hide everyone’s reviews by toggling on “calibration” in your workspace settings.
  • Timeline for the times when you’re not sure how much time passed between replies to your conversations. Our newly released timeline visualizes the cadence above each conversation.
  • Critical categories to highlight the most important quality criteria. If a conversation receives a negative rating in this specific category, the entire conversation is marked as failed.
  • Root causes to understand what’s fuelling negative feedback. Ask your reviewers to leave a comment every time they leave a negative rating on a specific category. Take a dive into the data to understand why tickets tend to fail in this particular criterion.
  • Updated review editor to allow using emojis (yes, even the custom Klausmojis!) and gifs to show your emotions.
  • Reviewing reviewer’s reviews: That’s so meta, you can now do it using the Klaus Extension.
  • Bookmarklets that allow you to open any conversation in Klaus straight from your help desk. This way you can start reviewing specific tickets in just one click.
  • Threshold settings define when IQS scores are displayed as green (good) and red (bad) on the dashboard. For example, if your internal benchmark for QA is 80%, you can set 80% as the threshold, meaning anything under that will be colored red on the dashboard. 
  • Klaus Extension update enables you to see feedback right inside the browser extension.
  • User groups for those of you that got tired of selecting the same people over and over again to compare their performance. You can now create user groups on the dashboard for that.
  • Shortcuts because mouse clicks are overrated. Use these neat shortcuts to speed through Klaus.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve saved the most important release for last. Proceed to the next subheading – drumroll, please!

Contributing Klausmojis to the world emoji bank

A cat says more than a thousand words. And now you can say everything you need in Klausmojis as this is one of the latest (and most noteworthy) contributions we’ve made to the Internet. 

Download Klausmojis right meow for a chance to win epic prizes in the 2021 “Say it in Klausmoji” challenges:  

  • The cattiest marriage proposal
  • Surprise job promotion
  • Cut only the split ends, please
  • The Bachelorette season finale
  • My most used canned response

With this announcement, we can wrap up 2020 for good. Thank you, our dear customers who have made Klaus what it is today. We owe a debt of gratitude to each and every one of you who has generously shared your time and ideas to help us improve Klaus. 

Stay tuned for what’s to come in 2021!

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