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Dixa + Klaus Integration for Quality Assurance

Deliver high-quality customer experience across all channels, be it phone, email, or chat. Review and analyze all your client conversations, identify and fix gaps in team knowledge, get actionable metrics for agent development, and get new agents up to speed 2x faster.

Klaus is a conversation review platform for support teams that measurably improves service quality by making internal feedback easy and systematic.
Dixa allows delivering personalized customer service across all channels from one screen.

Transform your QA process

All interactions on one page

Break down silos and unify your customer experience on one screen. This means you can review conversations that happen via phone, email, messaging app or chats and eliminate the chaos caused by having separate systems and screens.

Prioritize intelligently

Your most important client inquiries need special attention. Keep their quality high by measuring both quantitative and qualitative aspects of those interactions. You can set company-wide goals and standards to match your business needs.
IQS - Internal Quality Score Dashboard
How Education Perfect Pushes CSAT Beyond 96% with Klaus
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How Education Perfect Pushes CSAT Beyond 96% with Klaus

Since Education Perfect switched to Klaus, their support QA time was cut in half. No need to navigate between different tools and tabs, no more waiting for the gigantic spreadsheet to load, no manual copy-pasting ever again.

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