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✨ Download the Klausmoji Slack Emojis You Had No Idea You Needed

Quality assurance2 MIN READApr 8, 2020

? Download the Klausmoji Slack Emojis You Had No Idea You Needed


There is one undervalued skill that secretly unites every recent success-story in the startup world. It is something that, when mastered by the entire company, can pull the team through the toughest times and most rewarding challenges. That skill is the precise and proficient use of emojis.

However, Klaus’ research team detected a concerning disproportion of cat emojis in Slack. We had to fix this problem. Meet Klausmojis! Tailored for every occasion, the hero of our collection is, of course, our supreme leader – Klaus von McLovin’ Jr. (just Klaus to friends).

Download the Klausmoji pack below and let us know which emojis should we add to the set next!


Download Klausmojis

✨ How to install Slack emojis

  1. Open Slack and click on your team name in the upper-left corner
  2. Select ‘Customize Slack’
  3. Make sure you’re in the Emoji tab
  4. Type in a name for your emoji so you can easily find it
  5. Upload the file and hit save

Congratulations, you’ve officially leveled up your emoji-game!

✨ Fun emoji facts

  • The first emoji was created in Japan in 1998.
  • The emoji is based on the premise of using text markers to form images. This dates back to the 1960s when Russian novelist and professor Vladimir Nabokov stated in an interview with The New York Times “I often think there should exist a special typographical sign for a smile.” However, it wasn’t until the 1980s when computer scientist Scott Fahlman invented the emoticon, by suggesting that 🙂 and 🙁 could replace language.
  • Originally meaning pictograph, the word emoji comes from Japanese e (絵, “picture”) + moji (文字, “character”). The resemblance to the English words emotion and emoticon is purely coincidental.
  • July 17 is the official World Emoji Day.
  • The first emoji-themed convention, Emojicon, was held in San Francisco in 2016.
  • In 2015, Oxford Dictionaries named the Face with Tears of Joy emoji (?) the Word of the Year.

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Merily Leis
Merily Leis
Besides being a massive llama fan, Merily is also the Head of Marketing at Klaus.

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