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Best Scorebuddy Alternatives and Competitors in 2023

Quality management8 MIN READJun 22, 2022


Scorebuddy is a quality management solution designed to replace spreadsheets and static scoring systems by streamlining QA evaluations across all interaction types.

With the increasing number of quality management platforms on the market, it can be difficult to choose a solution fit for your team’s needs. We’ve created this list of Scorebuddy alternatives and competitors to help and make this daunting task a tiny bit easier.

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What is customer support quality assurance?

If you are among the 93% of executives who say that improving customer experience is one of their organization’s top priorities – welcome, you’ve come to the right place. We’re about to explore the road that will take you there.

Customer support quality assurance is the path to providing excellent service. It’s a systematic way of analyzing your team’s interactions, rating them in different categories, and providing feedback to agents.

How to choose the right quality management solution?

Before you get going with conversation reviews, you need to give this process a solid structure. This will make your QA consistent, transparent, and understandable for everyone.

A proper quality assurance process combines qualitative insight with countable data that helps you understand how your team performs through time. Use this information to aid your team excel in their job and to report your successes to the higher-ups.

Though some people see call center QA as a time-consuming and burdensome procedure, it doesn’t have to be like that. Here’s what to consider when choosing the right customer service quality assurance software for your business.

  • Features
  • User experience
  • Pricing
  • Help desk & other integrations
  • Scalability
  • Reliability and support

List of Scorebuddy competitors and alternatives

1. Klaus

Klaus Screenshot

“We are quickly able to confirm who is excelling in certain areas versus who needs improvement. Getting notified via Slack immediately when reps respond is really nice as well. It allows us to address concerns right away as they come in. We really get to see the big picture at a glance which helps the entire team grow.”

(via Capterra)

Klaus is a quality management platform for support teams that measurably improves customer service quality by making internal feedback easy and systematic. Easily evaluate and identify customer service problems in real-time. Build scorecards that reflect your business needs, filter out tickets you’d like to see, review the conversations, and start leaving valuable feedback that helps agents develop.

✅  Improved CSAT & efficiency metrics after the first month of usage.

✅ Impactful coaching sessions and 1-1s based on performance metrics and conversation examples.

✅ Actionable metrics to track quality and identify issues as they arise.

✅ 90% time saved compared to doing reviews manually using spreadsheets.

? Klaus helps to understand the true relationship between CSAT, FCR, NPS – and quality. Use internal quality scores and performance results to identify knowledge gaps and improve agent performance.

⭐️ Capterra Rating 4.8/5

2. Kaizo

Kaizo support QA

Powered by gamification and AI, Kaizo transforms the support QA process for customer teams.

✅ Analyze performance with real-time agent & team metrics, dashboards, and trends.

✅ Improve service quality with advanced QA integrated into your processes.

✅ Empower agents to understand and proactively improve their performance.

✅ Save time on manual report building with real-time dashboards & KPI management.

? Kaizo integrates with Zendesk.

3. EvaluAgent

EvaluAgent and support QA alternatives on the Zendesk marketplace

“Working with EvaluAgent opened more doors and allowed us to tailor our QA program exactly as we wanted it. We’ve seen team members are more engaged, as they receive feedback in real time and can see their progress and results in a very visual way.“

(via Capterra)

EvaluAgent is a QA and Performance Improvement platform that helps Quality Assurance teams increase coverage, unlock actionable insight, and coach agents towards better conversations with your customers.  

✅ Save time and money by storing all conversations, QA, and performance data in one platform.

✅ Quickly identify at-risk conversations and correlate customer feedback with your internal quality scores, and make sure your QA framework is measuring what matters.

✅ Increase QA coverage by classifying and auto-scoring every call, email, and chat session for CX and regulatory compliance.

? EvaluAgent integrates easily with all major CRM, WFM, telephony, call recording, and ticket management systems.

⭐️ Capterra Rating 4.6/5

4. MaestroQA


MaestroQA delivers streamlined QA processes that generate actionable data you can trust. Your team exceeds customer expectations, and your brand shines. Make QA more efficient with workflow automation, customizable coaching dashboards and scorecards, agent performance reports, and more.

✅ Easily build scorecards with auto-fail and bonus sections.

✅ Deliver transparently pinpointed feedback.

✅ Assign interactions for graders to review automatically.

? MaestroQA’s Screen Capture illuminates everything that goes into helping customers, creating more actionable and targeted coaching conversations.

5. Bright Pattern


“One of the easiest systems to use I have encountered in 25 years of call center experience. The technology is amazing, and the customer service even better!”

(via Capterra)

Bright Pattern’s built-in quality assurance allows a call center to proactively monitor customer interactions, use best practices to gain insight for improvement, and provide remediation and training for better outcomes in the future. Ensure high-quality customer service and high agent performance on any channel with AI-powered quality assurance.

✅ Monitor call center performance in real-time and proactively intervene if a customer experience is determined to be negative.

✅ Add new digital channels to your quality assurance system easily with cloud-based omnichannel capabilities.

✅ Utilize powerful sentiment analysis to automatically rate a customer’s mood during an interaction in real-time.

?  Powered by best-of-breed AI from providers like Microsoft, Google, and IBM, OmniQM utilizes powerful analytics and key performance indicators for the best results. Streamline call center QA and make it easy to monitor call center operations with powerful AI.

⭐️ Capterra Rating 4.7/5

6. Awaken


Quality Assurance driven analytics with 100% compliance checking on all your customer calls enabling your QA managers to focus on enhancements rather than processes.

✅ Improve your QA from day 1 by screening all your customer calls. You no longer need to rely on small sample sizes.

✅Pitch, loudness, timbre, speech rate, and pauses in the customer’s and agent’s tone of voice are measured to understand how they are feeling during a conversation. Meaning you can determine your agent’s feelings and emotions to reduce staff churn.

✅ All reports are displayed in a powerful web-based reporting tool, providing dashboards for your team leaders to understand their agents’ emotional state and offer support and training.

7. Calabrio

calabrio screenshot

Calabrio Quality Management allows you to understand the complete agent and customer experience and provide more targeted coaching, no matter where your employees are working – all while helping ensure compliance and improving overall contact center performance.

✅ Create a quality command center. All your evaluation tools in one place.

✅ Automatically monitor system issues. Get immediate notifications. Examine potential errors. 

✅ Streamline processes and reporting – Stop manually creating reports.

Calabrio integrates with popular help desks such as Talkdesk, Five9, Gladly, and more.

And we’re done! 

Selecting the right alternative to Scorebuddy can have a huge impact on the quality of your support. 

Just look at how it helped:

So we hope we’ve helped make the process of selecting the right tool a little easier for you. 

Any questions? Join Quality Tribe and leave a message to get insights and recommendations from other CX quality experts just like you!

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