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What’s New at Klaus: May 2023

May 17, 2023
Are you ready to cat-apult your QA to new heights? Get the latest insights on Klaus' freshest releases and quick tricks.
What's new at Klaus May 2023

Feline like your quality management could use a boost? Klaus is here to cat-apult your QA to the next level! With the most recent launch of KlausGPT, we’ve entered a new era of artificial purrception. 

Our team of ex-purr-ts  share our latest updates and tips to make the most out of using Klaus. 

On the menu

✨ What is KlausGPT? We’ve opened the door for much richer customer feedback. Mervi Sepp Rei, PhD pays a visit to explain the phenomenon of KlausGPT and what it means for you.

With Klaus, you can finally achieve 100% coverage, as our CTO Joonathan Mägi will show you how to AutoQA your way to success.

✨How to supercharge your WFM with QA insights? We joined forces with Assembled and built an integration which gives you the best of both worlds. Assembled’s Partnership Manager Will Zhang and our own Medea Margania discuss how this integration connects the dots between your team’s performance and workload.


Channel your inner Sherlock Meowmes and investigate the updates with feline precision

Announcing AutoQA: The Next Generation in Support Conversation Evaluation

Introducing Klaus AutoQA.

Scale your QA by 50x with our KlausGPT-powered solution. AutoQA scrutinizes your every support interaction for automatic, actionable reviews – 100% coverage guaranteed. Find the form in the article to sign up to be among the first ones to try out the new feature. 

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Klaus and Assembled Unite to Piece Together Quality and Workforce Management

Klaus x Assembled

Klaus and Assembled have seamlessly integrated exceptional customer service and efficient workforce management, resulting in unparalleled optimization and enhanced visibility of performance. 

Reach out to to experience how all the pieces fit together and get your paws on our bundled offer.

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Revolutionize CSAT surveys with KlausGPT

KlausGPT for CSAT.

Open the gate for better feedback. Make it easy for customers to provide profound insights with AI-generated personalized conversation summaries & suggestive snippets.

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Break the Language Barrier with Klaus’ Multilingual CSAT Surveys

Multilingual CSAT surveys

Turn CSAT into a personalization tool – speaking your customers’ language makes communication a two-way street. With our customizable CSAT surveys, you can take advantage of pre-translated surveys or configure and add translations for a selection of available languages as needed. 

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