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Klaus and Assembled Unite to Piece Together Quality and WFM

May 16, 2023
Klaus and Assembled have seamlessly integrated exceptional customer service and efficient workforce management, resulting in unparalleled optimization and enhanced visibility of performance.
Klaus x Assembled

Delivering exceptional customer experiences is no longer optional, it’s a key differentiator that sets companies apart. At Klaus, we know that there are many parts to the support management puzzle.

When every conversation counts, the journey to making lifelong customers requires the right tools, the right tech, and the right approach.

We make quality management easy, but we know workforce management is also a critical part of this picture. 

So we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Assembled, a leading WFM solution provider, through which you can optimize employee scheduling, task allocation, and resource management. 

Together, Klaus and Assembled aim to bridge the gap between outstanding customer service quality and efficient workforce management, providing organizations with unmatched optimization and performance visibility.

By combining Assembled’s workforce management solution and Klaus’ quality management platform, we offer an integrated view for optimizing team performance. I’m thrilled to partner with Klaus – together our platforms give leaders a complete view and the insights to transform service through people and process. For companies scaling world-class support, this is a match made in CX heaven!
Will Zhang
Will Zhang
Head of Partnerships at Assembled

Cat-ch made in heaven

Although some tools combine QM and WFM, in reality, the output is rarely desirable. A lack of seamless integration still leaves teams to analyze each endeavor independently. Data and metrics are scattered – failing the goal of offering a unified solution.

With Klaus and Assembled joining forces, you can say goodbye to this fragmented approach.

Our seamless integration brings QM and WFM data together to one dashboard, giving you a high-definition visibility into your performance metrics and eliminating the need for analysis across multiple solutions. 

This unified view makes it easier than ever to identify trends, streamline operations, and make targeted improvements to drive brilliant customer experiences and efficiency.

Klaus with eggcellent eggs.

Why connect quality with WFM? 

In a nutshell, it’s very simple.

With Klaus, support teams have the ability to review and score customer interactions, providing support reps with valuable feedback and coaching to enhance their skills and improve their performance.

These reviews play an important role in making scheduling decisions. By understanding performance, you can ensure that agents with appropriate experience and know-how are assigned to work at the optimal times.

Furthermore, with Assembled, team leads gain real-time insights and forecasts that enable informed decisions about their team’s staffing needs and scheduling. 

Want to see Klaus and Assembled in action?
Reach out to experience how all the pieces fit together and get your paws on our bundled offer. Contact us 

About Klaus

Klaus is a quality management solution that helps companies drive revenue through excellent customer service.

With Klaus, you can identify gaps in your customer experience before they become a problem. Use AI to pinpoint where agents are falling short and resources are going to waste – then fix what isn’t working. Automate quality management and achieve 100% coverage across agents, teams, BPOs, and languages. Create lifelong customers along the way.

It’s the only true plug & play QM solution, offering a wide selection of integrations and instant access to AI-powered insights. 

About Assembled

Assembled is a Support Operations platform that helps companies maintain exceptional customer experiences, no matter what lies ahead. 

Leading brands use Assembled’s workforce and vendor management capabilities to make optimal staffing decisions, gain visibility into performance and productivity, and unlock new ways to serve evolving customer needs.

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