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Revolutionize CSAT surveys with KlausGPT

Mar 28, 2023
Open the gate for better feedback. Make it easy for customers to provide profound insights with AI-generated personalized conversation summaries & suggestive snippets.
KlausGPT for CSAT.

CSAT surveys are your North Star for tapping into what customers think. But mere scores give you a little context, and a lack of additional information can make customer sentiment a black box. 

When customers leave a rating after a support interaction, they may not be rating your support team. Many things could influence their response (or lack thereof): 

  • Issues with the product itself; 
  • They found it difficult to contact support; 
  • They wish they could have gone to live chat but had to resort to email;
  • The weather is as bad as a winter’s day in the Highlands. 

Let’s make it easier for customers to lend you their thoughts. 

Did you know? 

▶️ The average CSAT response rate is 19% for chat, 5% for email, and 5% for phone.

▶️ But only 19% of all CSAT ratings have a comment beside the score.  

If you’re using chat, you only receive written feedback from 3% of your customers. On email or phone, it’s less than 1%.

The potential that lies in customer feedback is not limited to the customer service team. The voice of the customer should reverberate throughout the company. In a nutshell, comments help you make sense of your CSAT data and pick out the actionable pieces that are actually relevant for making improvements. 

Stop chasing your tail, trying to guess what customers are thinking. Start making it easier for them to tell you. 

😻 Purr-oudly introducing: KlausGPT for CSAT 😻

If you’re tired of survey responses that are quiet as a mouse, look no further. Our latest addition to Klaus’ CSAT powerhouse is there to get your customers meow-ing with feedback. 

KlausGPT provides your customers with a highly personalized automatic conversation summary and sets them up for success by helping them construct comments for deeper insights.

KlausGPT in Klaus CSAT survey

One thing is clear: Klaus’ powerful CSAT solution isn’t just a one-trick pony kitty.

While our highly customizable surveys & analytics capabilities are already miles ahead of other alternative solutions on the market, KlausGPT is here to take it a whisker further. 

The reports of CSAT surveys dying are greatly exaggerated. While CSAT (and most other micro feedback surveys, for that matter) have their issues, biases, and problems, they are still indispensable tools for gathering customer insights and feedback.

At Klaus, we acknowledge the issues, and instead of ignoring CSAT, we’re making it 10x better. The first issue plaguing almost all surveys is low response rates and the quality of free-form feedback. This update is the first of many that will improve both aspects.

Mart Objartel
Mart Objartel
Product Manager at Klaus

How does KlausGPT work?

Automatic conversation summaries that combat the forgetful mind

75% of the conversations wait up to 5 days from the first creation until the survey is sent out — ample time for anyone to forget what happened in the conversation. 

Or if not completely forget, then blur the memory because of the peak-end rule. This cognitive bias makes people judge a past experience based on the emotional peaks they felt during and at the end of the interaction.

To combat that and remind people what happened during the interaction, Klaus GPT automatically generates a summary of the conversation. We all want more insights from the responses. By offering people a quick recap, we invite them to reflect deeper. 

CSAT might be a misspelling of CATS

Suggestive snippets to open the door to valuable insights

The most insight-rich feedback comes from open-ended free-text comments. 

That is where people can go beyond the discrete categorical answers of the survey and openly share their thoughts. Helping people reflect can already draw out more profound insights, but for some, the barrier of starting to write that comment may still be too great. 

To help people get into the writing zone, we have asked KlausGPT to develop a way to start the comment based on the original conversation. By populating suggestive snippets designed to gear out further feedback, we nudge them in the right direction toward the sharing state of mind.

However, the customer always has the paw-er to decide whether they want to use the snippet, and they can easily modify it to convey the right message. 

Data security is of utmost importance to us. We want to make our survey revolution available to all – even for customers who must adhere to regulations that do not allow third-party generative models. KlausGPT is trained and hosted by Klaus; no data is sent anywhere for processing.

KlausGPT for CSAT Setup

Setting it up requires little to no time – simply toggle the switch in your Klaus CSAT survey setup flow to activate the feature.

KlausGPT is currently available only for email CSAT surveys and on all Klaus’ subscription plans.

Try it out for free

You’ve collected the data. Now what?

While CSAT surveys are designed to rate the support experience, it’s not uncommon for customers to provide comments that indicate they haven’t rated the support experience but rather something else that the agent could not affect at all.

Sifting through the feedback can be a time-consuming affair. Particularly when it involves manually categorizing each comment and figuring out which categories are meaningful enough to be worth analyzing in the first place. 

To your luck, Klaus’ AI-capabilities do not stop with the survey. When using Klaus’ CSAT dashboard to analyze your data, we complete this step automatically for you.

Klaus automatically picks up patterns in the written comments and allocates them into pre-defined categories on the CSAT dashboard: 

  • Comment Size 
  • Predicted CSAT Drivers

Klaus CSAT Drivers

These AI-powered categories help you find complex insights and understand the causes without spending time plowing through irrelevant feedback

For example, you can use them to:

  • Filter out irrelevant categories that are not related to your customer service (e.g., refunds)
  • Collect feedback on the agent’s performance
  • Gain better visibility into the key drivers and break down performance trends 

Using Klaus’ advanced and AI-driven dashboard capabilities, you can analyze written feedback and compare it to your internal quality standards for a balanced overview.

Unlock the potential for customer feedback

By providing an automatic conversation summary and helping customers construct comments for deeper insights, Klaus GPT makes it easier for customers to share their thoughts and for companies to understand their needs. 

With Klaus’ AI-powered comment categorization, analyzing feedback is easier than ever, and businesses can gain better visibility into key drivers and performance trends.

So, stop guessing what your customers think and start making it easier for them to tell you with Klaus GPT for CSAT.

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