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Turning Talk Into Insights with Voice QA

Jul 10, 2024
Tired of listening to call recordings? Experience Zendesk QA’s speech-to-text and AI capabilities for a speedier and more efficient contact center QA.
AI-powered Voice QA for Zendesk Talk

Excellent customer service can no longer exist on just one platform. 

With omnichannel support becoming the gold standard, it has undeniably changed how customers engage. On the one hand, it allows for greater accessibility and convenience, but on the other, it demands more consistent experiences across every touchpoint.

Offering support across the channels is not exactly a new concept — 42% of businesses offer two or more support streams.
As businesses step into this web of customer interactions and the channels multiply, so do the challenges of maintaining seamless and high-quality support on all fronts.

So, making sure you have access to a unified system that tracks the quality of customer interactions across all channels is key to CX excellence. 

Until now, Zendesk QA (formerly Klaus) has served as a powerful solution, assisting teams in detecting and resolving problems on the text-based QA front. However, reviewing voice interactions plays an essential role in getting an accurate representation of contact center QA as a whole.

We’ve recognized the pain and have taken a significant step forward by unveiling the next iteration of Voice QA and speech-to-text capabilities. 

What’s new

  • Improved & diarized call recording player
  • Automatically generated call summary
  • Automatically generated transcripts for a speedier and more efficient call QA
  • Spotlight interactions where Churn risk, Sentiment, Outlier, Dead air, and Missing call disclosures are detected

Voice QA is currently only available for Zendesk customers who use Zendesk Talk. 

Unlocking efficiency with Voice QA 

Evaluating voice interactions can be a time-consuming affair. While it is commonly done by simply listening to the call recordings, there is no question that reading and focusing solely on the most insightful snippets is a much faster and more effective alternative. 

What’s more, as the process is often manual, it makes it difficult to find insightful calls or distinguish ones related to certain topics, resulting in small, randomized review samples. That limits the visibility into problematic areas and potentially leaves valuable insights undiscovered. 

Using Zendesk QA’s speech-to-text capabilities enables you to speed up the process and improve the coverage of your voice interactions.

What’s more, having all your interactions, including phone support, in one place, you’ll:

  • Standardize & systemize the QA process across all channels, saving time and using your resources wisely
  • Automate sampling & discovery so you know precisely which interactions need your attention and what to look out for
  • Get a holistic overview of your support quality and performance metrics across the board
  • Understand which channels serve your customers best and what needs improvement 

Seize control of your call quality

While users have always been able to listen to their recorded calls in Zendesk QA (formerly Klaus), we’re now taking your listening experience to the next level with our all-new and improved call recording player

In addition to an enhanced look and feel, we’ve introduced speaker diarization, a feature that divides the recording stream into distinct speaker segments.  

This addition simplifies the process of indicating the number of participants in the call and provides a visual summary of the call’s progression. 

Additionally, we’re now

  • Automatically generating a call summary, briefly explaining what the interaction was about, so you know if the call is worth your review time
  • Pulling in additional call details based on the data accessible from your help desk

Speech-to-text capabilities

In order to speed up and make your call QA process more efficient, you can now take full advantage of our speech-to-text capabilities. 

Once Zendesk QA (formerly Klaus) has pulled in the calls from your help desk, a diarized transcript is automatically generated for you

Each transcript snippet is directly linked to the time stamps in the recording, allowing for a convenient playback option for pinpointing and listening to specific moments in the conversation. 

If you provide phone support in languages other than English, you can effortlessly translate the transcripts into English with a simple click.

Moreover, you can either review and comment on each transcript message individually or evaluate the entire call instead. 

Spotlight the calls that matter the most

With Zendesk QA’s AI-powered Voice QA, you can now automatically analyze 100% of your voice interactions and identify critical conversations for further analysis. 

Effortlessly find and sample calls where the system has detected:

  • Churn risk: highlights conversations where a customer has expressed a potential risk for attrition.
  • Dead air: highlights calls where the gap between consecutive messages is bigger than your set threshold
  • Missing call recording disclosure: detects if the speaker discloses that the conversation is being recorded
  • Outlier: automatically finds must-review calls that are atypical or unusual for the team. 
  • Sentiment: find interactions (and pinpoint within the transcript) where the customer has expressed frustration or delight (positive and negative sentiment) 

Learn more about Voice QA here >

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