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Break the Language Barrier with Klaus’ Multilingual CSAT Surveys

Mar 17, 2023
Turn CSAT into a personalization tool – speaking your customers’ language makes communication a two-way street.
Multilingual CSAT surveys

Catering to customers of diverse backgrounds and languages can significantly impact the quality of your customer experience. 

Not only is it a matter of staying relevant, but also about connecting on a more welcoming and personal level. This on its own can lead to greater customer satisfaction and deeper, long-lasting relationships.

77% of business leaders recognize that deeper personalization leads to increased customer retention (and 66% believe it lowers acquisition costs).

Yet, localization of any sort can be a time-consuming challenge. The same goes for gathering customer feedback.

Klaus solves this problem by making it easy to collect CSAT from customers globally, regardless of their native language. 

With our customizable CSAT surveys, you can take advantage of pre-translated surveys or configure and add translations for a selection of available languages as needed. 

By targeting specific customer segments more likely to respond in their native languages, you can easily increase response rates and gain valuable insights to improve your services. 

Language barriers don’t have to get in your way. Understand and connect to a broader spectrum of your customers. 

Discover what’s new

  • Add pre-translated multilingual CSAT surveys in one click
  • Modify the translations when needed
  • CSAT dashboard updates

Automated Survey Translation

With Klaus’ CSAT surveys, creating multilingual CSAT surveys is as easy as a, b, c. We’ve pre-translated the survey into 31 languages, so you can insert additional ones with just a click of a button. 

And while Klaus enables you to target specific audiences with customized messaging, you can always modify your survey contents and easily add new translations where needed. By doing that, your customers can pass on feedback in the most comfortable language. But you don’t have to worry about the effort and expense of managing survey localization.

CSAT surveys that dreams are made of

Ready to take our updated CSAT surveys for a spin? Get in touch for more information on activating this feature for you.

How does it work?

Setting up your CSAT surveys in Klaus is like a walk in the park – fast and effortless. 

  1. Once you’ve created your survey, personalize it with custom branding and modify the survey content (email content, rating scales, thank you message) if needed.
  2. In the Delivery tab, determine who gets the survey and when. You can send out Klaus’ CSAT survey via email or Intercom messenger.
  3. Under the Language tab, add any language from the list you wish to send the CSAT survey. If you opt for Klaus’ default survey content setup, everything is translated automatically for you out of the box

You can then review the translations and decide when to make the survey visible to respondents.

CSAT Language setup flow

If you modify the survey content before adding additional languages, you’ll be notified of missing translations. Any non-translated text will default to the English version. You can easily update the translations by downloading, modifying, and re-uploading specific files.

Once you’ve made your changes and saved the draft, you can preview the survey by sending an email or choosing to display it in a web form. 

4. Publish the survey, and you’re done! No HTML, design, or other skills are needed. 

See what’s driving your CSAT at a glance

We’ve implemented a new layer to our advanced CSAT analytics, so you can dig deeper into what’s behind your feedback on a language level. 

Analyze your CSAT performance trends across languages, break down what’s driving your CSAT, identify underperforming agents, and find the most valuable improvement opportunities. 

3 Ways to Improve CSAT Immediately

Hop on the train to 100% CSAT with Klaus

With Klaus’ CSAT, you’re maximizing your chances of gaining meaningful insights by giving your customers a simple way to share feedback in their native language.

Meeting customer expectations is a constant challenge as they continuously progress and transform. Therefore, there is no immediate solution to maintaining a high CSAT.

Consistency is key in this aspect. If you review conversations consistently, you can understand how performance looks from an internal and external viewpoint.

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