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What’s New at Klaus: February 2023

Feb 20, 2023
Are you ready to take your Klaus mastery to the next level? Get the latest scoop on Klaus' freshest releases, advanced practices and quick tricks.
Klaus what's new product webinar - February 2023

Get ready to minimize your effort and maximize your results. Our team of ex-purr-ts – Chris, Riley, Niclas, and Valentina – share our latest updates and tips to make the most out of using Klaus. 

On the menu

✨ Assignments 2.0: Learn how to automate a consistent review flow of insightful conversations and track goal progress.

✨ Smart Filtering: Avoid common mistakes and clean up how you search for better results.

✨ Quickfire Updates: Get acquainted with our recent enhancements, including updates to improve agent knowledge, tracking review time, and more.


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Assignments 2.0: Handing You the Remote for More Control

Our updated assignments take the man out of the manual and make it even easier to ensure your team reviews the most relevant conversations, all agents get reviewed, and you gain complete visibility into meeting your review goals.

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Let’s Get Quizzical: Engage your Teams with Targeted Learning

Klaus' Quizzes view

Klaus’ newly updated Quizzes make it easier to target weaknesses relevant to your team, track their progress, and ensure they stay on top of their A-game.

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Announcing Review Time Tracking

FAQ: Customer Service Quality

We’ve added Review Time Tracking to Klaus’ quality management arsenal, so you can drive efficiency in your efforts and anticipate how much QA resource is needed – or additionally hired – to get the job done successfully. 

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