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Let’s Get Quizzical: Engage your Teams with Targeted Learning

Jan 17, 2023
Identify knowledge gaps, impart knowledge and skills, and encourage active learning with Klaus’ updated Quizzes.
Klaus' Quizzes view

Coaching a team of customer support champions goes beyond the initial onboarding. 

To go from good to great, you want to deliver consistent, high-quality experiences. Continuous, efficient training helps internalize knowledge and skills, bringing your team up to scratch.

Rather than make them read through various materials and hope for the best that something sticks, there’s a better way to help your team train more effectively – quizzes. 

Quizzes not only provide a more engaging and interactive learning experience but there are also many other benefits to using quizzes:

  • Identify areas of weakness: Tailor your training efforts to address knowledge gaps by testing your team’s level of knowledge on relevant topics, like understanding your product or services, applicable policies, or day-to-day processes. If your agents consistently struggle with specific themes, you know where to focus additional training. 
  • Promote active learning: Memory retrieval is proven to increase knowledge retention better than other study methods. When taking a quiz, your team has to actively recall and apply what they have learned, tapping into the memory retrieval technique. 
  • A convenient and efficient way to train: Everyone can take quizzes at their own pace and complete them relatively quickly – conveniently and at a low cost. Educate at scale (you can even try to make it fun)!

Klaus’ newly updated Quizzes make it easier to target weaknesses relevant to your team, track their progress, and ensure they stay on top of their A-game. 

Here’s what’s new with Klaus’ Quizzes:

Purr-fectly tailored Quizzes for your workspace

Workspace selector 

When setting up new quizzes in Klaus, it’s now possible to make them available only to users in selected workspaces

By default, the quiz is shared to all workspaces where the user creating the quiz is a Workspace Manager (or has a higher role). However, the added drop-down selection makes it easy to specify which workspaces to include or exclude. 

Pro tip: When coming up with questions to ask, take inspiration from the conversations and performance results you’ve saved under Pins for Coaching.

Once you’ve created and published the quiz, each user can respond to it once, regardless of which workspace the response was submitted and how many workspaces the quiz was shared to. 

It’s important to note that all active quizzes created before the update will be shared with all workspaces under your Klaus account. 

Quiz list view and results

Users can only see quizzes from their workspaces in the Quizzes list view. 

You now have an improved, segmented overview. View how each workspace performs (scores, participants, etc) independently, or select multiple to see the performance in aggregate. Use the Workspace filter to showcase the list of quizzes and results from the workspaces more relevant to you, or compare and contrast. 

If your Klaus account has only one workspace, the option to share the quiz to workspaces and workspace filters is not available. 

Quiz-taking made easy

Previously, it was possible to take the quiz only by opening up the shared quiz URL. From now on, all roles in Klaus can easily answer the questions directly from the quiz view by clicking on the ‘Take the quizbutton

Additionally, we’ve updated the quiz preview mode, bringing it behind an icon button on the top right corner of the quiz view. 

Take our quiz to find out what makes you tick as a customer support agent! Share with your team to compare strengths, weaknesses, and cat gifs.

Quiz: What type of customer support agent are you?

Findings confirmed by leading scientists Einstein & Garfield.

No more outdated quizzes: archive and move on

Once a quiz has been completed and is no longer relevant, you can archive it instead of deleting it forever.

While an archived quiz and its responses no longer appear in the list of quizzes, you can still access the results (and see them in related Coaching sessions!), duplicate, or unarchive it whenever needed.

Updated access rights

It’s now possible for Admins and Account managers to access drafts created by other users and archive or delete them on your behalf. That may, for example, become useful when a user drafted a quiz that needs modifications before publishing but has left the team or company to complete the task. 

Additionally, Workspace Managers can now create, publish, archive, or delete quizzes they created in their workspaces. 

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Learn more about setting up Quizzes for your team here > 

The Quizzes feature is available on our Professional and Advanced plans.

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