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Announcing Review Time Tracking

Automatically track the time your team spends on reviews. Use this data to examine your QA setup and drive efficiency.
FAQ: Customer Service Quality

Having a conversation review program in place is the foundation to ensuring your support people have the support they need to grow and become better at what they do – delivering pawesome customer experiences. 

However, to achieve this, it’s impurrtant to make sure you and your team have the capacity to keep the feedback loop running consistently.

We’ve added Review Time Tracking to Klaus’ quality management arsenal to support you in driving efficiency in your efforts and help you anticipate how much QA resource is needed – or additionally hired – to get the job done successfully. 

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It’s about (active) time

Review time in Klaus is the active time spent on a conversation until the review is submitted. This means time tracking only occurs when the user is on the conversation review window in Klaus. 

So, whether you

  • Are idle for more than 30 seconds
  • Open a new browser tab or move away from the current one 
  • Close the current tab or browser window
  • Choose a second conversation
  • Switch to another view in Klaus, or 
  • Happen to lose your internet connection

the tracking pauses in the background automatically and is resumed when you open or reactivate the initial conversation. 

Review time tracking applies to:

  • Conversation reviews
  • Message reviews (scoring one specific message in a conversation)
  • Assignments review
  • Extension reviews

Klaus Overview Dashboard

Once you submit a review, the time spent on it is displayed under the given feedback for each reviewer separately. Reviewers can see only their own review time. 

Timely results at a glance  

With review time tracking now available in-house, third-party tools or workarounds to track and analyze the outcomes – such as measuring time through screen recordings – are now a thing of the past.

Like everything else you do in Klaus, it all comes together on the dashboards. 

Overview dashboard

Next to displaying individual review times on a conversation level, you’ll be able to review the results on the Overview dashboard. 

Keep track of the overall average review time or compare the results on a workspace, group, or user level using our filters to dig deeper into the data. 

The average review time includes the time spent on assignment reviews and regular conversation or message reviews  – the latter taking into account feedback given in Klaus or via our browser extension. 

Disputes resolution time

Klaus Disputes Dashboard

Used as an important internal metric by many support teams, it’s now possible to monitor

  • The resolution time for each dispute separately in the conversation view
  • The overall average time it takes to resolve disputes on the Disputes dashboard

Additionally, keep track of the number of ‘Resolved’ disputes compared to the ‘Open’ ones. 

Coaching sessions

Next to IQS and CSAT, you can see the average time spent on giving feedback during the selected time range in the coaching sessions view. 

The time takes into account conversation, message, and assignments reviews and is displayed only when the user (coachee) has given at least one review in the chosen time period.

Make the most of every meow-ment

​​Having the capacity to give consistent feedback turns the wheels of delivering good customer experiences into motion.

Tracking time spent on reviews supports you in driving efficiency in your efforts and helps you predict how many paws are needed to get the job done. 

And as there’s no better time than the purr-sent, make sure to give some time of day to the latest member of Klaus’ QA family. 

Learn more about tracking review time with Klaus here > 

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