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Klaus Presents: Pins for Coaching

Apr 14, 2021
With Pins for Coaching, you’ll be able to add notes on agents or reviewers directly in Klaus, for coaching sessions or 1:1s.

What can customer service managers learn from painters, chefs, and Zen Buddhists? Everything has its place. With our Pins for Coaching feature, you’ll be able to add notes on any agent directly into Klaus. And not only that: you’ll even be able to pin specific conversations and dashboard cards right into an agent’s or reviewer’s folder, so when their 1:1 comes around you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips.

No more scrambling for notes

You asked, and we listened. With this new feature, you’ll be prepared with the data you need to coach your team members, right inside Klaus, right when you need it. No more “panic and winging it on charm, guile, and the ol’ razzle-dazzle”. With Pins for Coaching, you can save the scrambling for your morning eggs.

The best approach to coach

Every team needs a great coach. Pins for Coaching is a great way to store general feedback for your individual team members, allowing you to coach effectively and brilliantly. You can store specific conversations and notes, and keep track of feedback given over time and see action points from previous coaching sessions. Spot trends, outliers, and so much more.

Try it out

Ready to step up to the plate and score a touchdown that’ll make your whole team yell “checkmate”? What we don’t know about sports we make up for in our knowledge in support quality management. So try our Pins for Coaching feature and let us know what you think!

We’re currently collecting feedback about the Pins for Coaching feature and making it available for everyone. After the beta period, Pins for Coaching will be available in the Tuna Deluxe plan!

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