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Introducing Coaching Insights

May 18, 2022
Visualize and understand the impact of your coaching efforts with even better coaching sessions.

Knowledge is power and we’ve brought more of it into Klaus’ Coaching sessions. Besides an improved look and feel, the updated sessions enable access to even more meaningful insights, combined in one central hub.

Get a visual overview of the impact coaching has on your team’s performance and quality of work, look deeper into ongoing coaching activities and encourage active participation by keeping track of action items relevant to you.

Coaching Insights

Coaching Insights dashboard

Monitor performance after sessions

While Klaus’ Coaching sessions provide an overview of every aspect of your agents’ performance and progress, it has been difficult to evaluate the ongoing impact your training and coaching efforts really have.

Now you can close the loop by visually tracking trends and changes in IQS and CSAT in connection with the coaching activities.

Sessions overview

In addition to recognizing visual changes, gain better visibility into ongoing coaching sessions in one summarized view.

Understand which sessions and how often they take place, how many of them have been completed or are overdue, and keep yourself and your team accountable by keeping tabs on the completion of action items.

List of sessions and action items

What’s more, stay proactive and keep track of upcoming, overdue, and past Coaching sessions, as well as the list of completed and outstanding action items.

Coaching Sessions

Coaching insights_Session

Mark sessions as done

To make sure all sessions are held and followed up on, it’s now mandatory to add a date when the session takes place. Once the session has been completed, you can mark it as done.

Shared session visibility

Until now, coaching sessions have been private between the coach and the agent.

It’s now possible to invite other users into the session threads as participants, so they are able to contribute to the sessions with additional insights. Participants have equal permissions to coachees inside a session thread.

Create sessions for others

Additionally, we’ve enabled workspace managers and reviewers to set up sessions for other coaching pairs if deemed necessary.

For example, a QA specialist conducting internal quality reviews in your team discovers something worth further discussing and pins it. Until now, the QA specialist could @mention the relevant person to notify them of the findings and for the pin to be also visible on the person’s list of pins.

To ensure the coaching pair is well aware of the pinned item and it gets looked into in a timely manner, it’s now possible for the QA specialist to set up a new coaching session instead, adding the relevant pin directly to the session as a discussion point.

While adding a session automatically includes them in it as a participant, they will not have access to any previous sessions nor will they have access to more data than they already see on the dashboards. The coach can revoke their access at any time.

If a session already exists between the coach and coachee, the coach has to add them to the session separately.

Learn more about how Coaching sessions work here >

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