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Introducing Coaching Insights

May 18, 2022
Use Klaus to give feedback that's meaningful. Visualize & understand the impact of your coaching efforts with improved coaching sessions.
Build a Team of Champions with Even Better Coaching Sessions

A well-coached customer service team could be the ace up your sleeve that: 

  • turn negative customer experiences into paw-sitive ones,
  • convert new customers into loyal brand advocates,
  • and help you stand out from the competition. 

Customer service coaching can be a challenging affair. Sifting through support tickets to try and identify the agents that need coaching the most is a hard enough task. 

And it doesn’t get any easier when combined with the lack of visibility into coaching sessions or the difficulties that come with trying to measure the impact of coaching on your KPIs.

Luckily, we’ve got something that’ll allow you to coach a team of support champions that’s ready to knock out any challenge!

A great coach needs the right tools to build the purr-fect team 

It’s no different when it comes to the world of customer service.

Klaus' improved Coaching Sessions

Our updated Coaching Sessions incorporate everything you need for coaching a team of champions: 

  • Identify agents that need coaching the most
  • Set action items and easily track their completion
  • Get a detailed overview of ongoing coaching activities
  • Share the sessions with other team members for additional insights
  • Visualize and measure the impact coaching has on your team’s quality of work
68% of customers feel like most businesses need to improve the training of their customer service agents.
With fast-growing teams and ever-increasing customer expectations, delivering experiences that keep customers returning is certainly a challenge!

So if you’re going to consistently wow your customers with great customer service at scale, you’ll have to identify and provide the right agents with the right support at the right time.

This is not going to cut it illustration

Good customer service coaching is what’ll empower your agents to master any interaction and allow them to do what they do best – make your customers happy. 

Which ultimately translates into higher customer satisfaction and greater customer loyalty!

Here’s the lowdown on how you can do all that and more with this paw-sy addition to your coaching arsenal.

To rule the division, you need hawk-eye vision  

Conducting regular coaching sessions without understanding the long-term impact on your team’s performance is like a cat stuck on a giant exercise wheel (yes, that exists) – an endless loop leading nowhere. 

Coaching Insights Dashboard

You can save yourself the trouble by visually tracking trends and changes in your team’s IQS and CSAT along with your ongoing coaching activities. 

Besides recognizing visual changes in performance, you gain better visibility into everything about your coaching sessions in one place:

  • Understand when, why, and how often sessions take place
  • Track how many of them have been completed or are overdue
  • Keep everyone accountable by keeping tabs on the completion of action items

Alone you can do so little, together you can do so meow-ch

They say it takes two to tango. In support teams, it’s often much more than that. 

Sharing experiences and combining insights with fellow team members is the secret sauce to building a team of ex-purrts.

So, the next time you climb into the coaching ring, you can invite others to join in on the training.

Coaching insights session view

Additionally, if a specific conversation or view that deserves further discussion comes up within Klaus, other team members doing quality reviews will now be able to create coaching sessions for you.

They can simply pin the item and drop it as a discussion point into the new session. This way, you’ll have all the necessary information close at paw whenever a session comes around!

Wholesome and uplifting illustration

Hop aboard the coach to high-quality support!

According to our recent Customer Service Quality Benchmark report, 96% agree that conducting conversation reviews is an invaluable tool for coaching purposes and understanding team performance. 

However, doing regular reviews and tracking support-related KPIs is only the first step toward improving your customer service quality.

What you do with the data and how you put learnings into practice is what’ll take it to the next level.

Agent improvement cycle

Regular coaching is what ties it all together. As Rocky Balboa would put it: That’s how winning is done.

Now it’s your turn! Give our Coaching sessions a spin right meow and you’ll see how coaching a team of champions has never been easier.

This feature is available for our Professional and Advanced users. Chat to us for more info.

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