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Announcing the Complexity Filter

Complexity Filter is a new conversation discovery feature that lets you zoom in on conversations that need more attention, and where learning and coaching are most needed.

For successful customer support, the more issues are resolved with the first response (or maybe two) the better. You’re tuned to know what these typical issues are and how to guide your agents to resolve these questions conclusively with one reply. That’s the goal. But how to get there?

We asked this from our Data Scientists who looked into anonymized user data to understand what makes and breaks First Resolution Rates: Why are some cases easier for agents to handle in one go than others?

Today, we’re so proud to announce the Complexity Filter. Complexity Filter is a new conversation discovery feature that lets you zoom in on conversations that need more attention. Reviewing the more complex tickets allows you to focus on where learning and coaching are most needed.

What exactly is the Complexity Filter? How does it work? How can you start using it? Let’s dig in!

Showcasing the conversations with the highest learning potential

From a QA perspective, the biggest learning moments don’t come from the most common conversations. The tickets showcased within the Complexity Filter are the ones that are a bit trickier: the customer issue is more complicated and the problem cannot be explained in one message.

Why the Complexity Filter is so cool – statistics, obviously

Our data science team has come up with an innovative way to determine where your reviewers’ effort is most rewarded by doing a multilevel statistical analysis of your communications metadata. That’s right – your own communication statistics, I mean, catistics, are worked into that function. It is like a custom-built smart filter that lets you find issues that your agents struggle with or that need more effort than usual to resolve.

The Complexity Filter discovers conversations without you having to think about which parameters to use to filter out the right conversations for a valuable review session. It’s a one-click solution that selects the top 15% of the most interesting tickets.

Want to try out the Complexity filter? Let us know and we’ll make it happen!

To try the new feature get in touch with your account manager. The Complexity Filter is in beta right now, therefore we will offer it for free for at least a year for all the early testers.

Feedback is our lifeblood here, so any suggestions, ideas, and comments about this new feature are super appreciated.

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