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Something’s Gotta Quiz: Train & Coach Your Support Team

Dec 9, 2021
What’s the best way to learn? Answer (a) for quizzes, (b) for agent knowledge, (c) for Klaus, or (d) for all of the above.
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Did you ever try to study by repeatedly reading the same chapter of your history textbook? Or go over the same paragraph in an online article until your eyes start to bleed? As you probably found out, that’s not exactly the most efficient way to learn. 

When you train or coach your support team, you want them to learn efficiently so that high-quality answers come naturally to them. 

You don’t want to send them away with text-heavy guidelines and generic product manuals to reference. That’s not how they will improve. And you’ll be left wondering why your quality isn’t getting better. 

To help you train teams more effectively, we developed a learning tool: Klaus Quizzes!

Design quizzes that target your teams’ weak spots and track their progress, all on one pawsome platform. 

To celebrate the art of getting quizzical, take our quiz to find out what makes you tick as a customer support agent! Share with your team to compare strengths, weaknesses, and cat gifs.

Quiz: What type of customer support agent are you?

Findings confirmed by leading scientists Einstein & Garfield. 

  • Decide what skills you need to coach or train
    Do you need to certify that new reps are ready to talk to customers?
    Are some service reps lacking in technical knowledge?
    Are you worried they don’t understand your niche 1940s movie references?
  • Create custom, specific quizzes that match the skills you want to train
    Such as:
    Week 2 Onboarding Quiz
    Product Quiz 3.0
    Which character from The Wizard of Oz are you?
  • Monitor performance via leaderboards
    Concrete goals warrant concrete results. Tracking progress is about more than assessing whether or not your team is up to par; it’s also about evaluating the impact of your training or coaching efforts. And it’s easy to do, all within Klaus.
  • Rocket your CSAT and your IQS
    Knowledge is power, and your team can now flex their expertise with style and vigor. In other words, they keep your customers happy, and your support metrics will reflect that. Purrs all around!

Quiz tips: 

  • Take inspiration from conversations you’ve saved in Pins for Coaching.
  • ‘Closed book’ quizzes are proven to be much more effective. Don’t make answers searchable online, or let your quizzees peek at their handbooks for help. 
  • Remember how boring exams were in school? Inject a little personality into your quizzes to keep them interesting! 

Some science stuff about learning

Memory retrieval is proven to increase knowledge retention better than other study methods. Taking a quiz taps into the learning technique of memory retrieval, because you are forcing your brain to recall knowledge.

You’ve probably heard of the hippocampus (unfortunately, little to do with hippos). This part of your brain is associated with memory. When you repeatedly try to retrieve the same information, it activates different parts of the hippocampus. 

Put simply, trying to remember new information will help store it in your long-term memory.

Quizzes are a quick and oh-so effective way to learn. 

What do you think?

Feedback is our catnip. Let us know how you get on right here in the chat! Try it today!

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