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Big News from Klaus: We’re letting the CSAT out of the bag!

Product updates4 MIN READMar 30, 2022

CSAT Survey Klaus

The aim of the game in customer service QA is to make it easier for your team to make customers happier. Reviews, IQS, feedback – these are all means to that end. So we thought it would make sense to connect the two on one platform!

🎉 Introducing: Klaus’ CSAT! 🎉

CSAT and your favorite cat

  • Integrate with your helpdesk
  • Send out fully customizable surveys
  • Track changes & set targets in your CSAT dashboard 
  • Connect with your review program to get a complete picture of support quality 

💡 77% of support teams reported tracking CSAT in our Customer Service Quality Benchmark Survey.

Purr-sonalize your CSAT surveys with custom questions, branding, and rating scales 


CSAT is the industry-standard metric to understand how customers feel. 

However, getting responses can be challenging if you’re sending out drab, templatized surveys without any purr-sonality. 

But that’s not going to be one of your problems. Because with Klaus CSAT surveys, you can tailor every aspect of your survey to match the unique preferences of you and your customers. 

This means with just a few clicks you’ll be able to: 

  • Modify the email subject line and survey question 
  • Stay true to branding with your own colors and logo
  • Choose a rating scale that works best with your customers 
  • Personalize surveys by including the recipients’ name and a custom thank you message

Plus, you won’t be held hostage by complicated rules that are impossible to understand. And can instead decide exactly when your surveys get sent out and who receives them.

Set targets, track changes, and analyze results in your CSAT dashboard 

img-csat-dashboard@2x (1)

So, you’re now sending out attractive, personalized surveys and getting flooded with responses. 

You now also need an easy way to view and analyze the results.

And that’s where the CSAT dashboard comes in. In it, you’ll be able to see: 

  • an overview of your survey replies with automatically assigned tags
  • the overall CSAT score for a given period with a breakdown of the scores
  • how your CSAT changes over time (and how it compares to the targets you’ve set)
  • how many surveys were sent vs. how many responses and comments you received
  • recurring topics and the most used words in CSAT comments in the form of a word cloud 

Just like with the main Klaus dashboard, it comes with a range of filtering options (like time period, agent, tags, score, etc.) to dive deeper into data and find your biggest learning opportunities.  

So whether you’re trying to improve response rates, identify underperforming agents, spot trends, or anything in between, the CSAT dashboard will be your new best fur-end! 

What’s more? You’ll be able to track your CSAT results in Klaus even if you use a third-party tool for your surveys. 

CSAT + Conversation reviews = A cat-ch made in heaven

Klaus CSAT

Combining CSAT scores with IQS is the best way to get a truly representative and balanced view of your support performance. 

And our new CSAT feature will serve as your one-stop-shop to not only better understand your support quality but actually improve it. 

How, you ask?

A quick look at your data will allow you to pinpoint problematic areas of your product and underperforming agents/channels etc. 

And right from there, you’ll be able to dive deeper into these specific conversations to understand the true causes of customer dissatisfaction. 

Once you’ve done that, you can address these issues with relevant feedback, training, and coaching. 

All without even switching tabs. The entire purr-cess from start to finish in one single place!

Klaus CSAT

Give CSAT a try right meow! 

From sending paw-some surveys and improving response rates to big-picture overviews and detailed breakdowns, Klaus’ CSAT has everything you’ll need on your journey to a 100% CSAT.

So if you’re trying to see those CSAT scores higher than a kitten on catnip, give it a spin today!

Continue the journey: Klaus’ CSAT Has Entered the Chat

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Mart Objartel
Mart is a Product Manager at Klaus. When he's not building products for quality-driven teams, you can probably find him building a cabin in the woods instead.

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