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Collecting Customer Feedback with Zendesk is Now a Little More Zen

Boost response rates and elevate your customer experience by embedding Klaus’ surveys into your Zendesk support emails.
Klaus' surveys for Zendesk

Time is of the essence when seeking feedback from your customers. The harder it is for customers to recall and provide feedback, the less likely they are to share it.

For example, people are less likely to rate & share comments if the request comes through a different channel from their support interaction. If you receive a CSAT email after closing a chat, you’ll probably not click through. 

So you want to strike the iron when it’s still hot, focusing on immediacy and ease. 

Maximize the impact by minimizing the delay

Low response rates can be one of the top challenges plaguing feedback surveys. On average, CSAT response rates are 19% for chat, while email and phone lag at 5% each.

Klaus’ freshly released solution effectively addresses this problem.

By embedding Klaus’ feedback surveys into your Zendesk support emails, you can optimize the delivery process and tap into the power of channel consistency.

This allows your customers to share their thoughts and opinions without having to navigate through different platforms. The end result? 

  • Improved response rates
  • More accurate insights
  • Smoother, frictionless experience

From question to answer in fewer clicks

Klaus’ surveys – CSAT, CES, or custom – are designed to be user-friendly and easy to complete.

With the embedded surveys for Zendesk, your customers can effortlessly provide ratings for your team by clicking on the survey in the email signature.

This click-through link leads them to a fully customizable survey landing page where they can add additional comments explaining the reasoning behind their score.

Pro tip: KlausGPT for surveys also helps you prompt customers into commenting since qualitative is as important as quantitative.

Once you’ve set up your survey in Klaus and tailored it to your unique needs and standards, simply copy the survey snippet into your Zendesk email template. 

You can also set up follow-up emails that are sent out in the absence of a response to the embedded survey. 

Learn more about setting up embedded surveys for Zendesk >

Embedded survey snippet for Zendesk

Unlock and analyze your customer insights

Feedback surveys offer valuable insights into the various facets that influence your customer experience. 

We all know that making data-driven decisions leads to better results, but we’re not all data analysts. Luckily, Klaus has a few of those. 

With Klaus’ AI-powered survey reporting capabilities, you can thoroughly analyze and act upon the feedback for optimal results. So you can make consistent improvements that easily match customer needs. 

Klaus surveys dashboard

Whether your aim is to pinpoint agents with lower performance, detect recurring patterns, or find improvement opportunities, Klaus offers you all the tools you need to break down and understand what’s behind your customer feedback. 

What’s more, with Klaus, it’s easy to combine the findings with your internal quality management metrics and processes for the ultimate 360-overview of your support performance.

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