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Wider Range of Survey Types to Elevate your Feedback Strategy

May 23, 2023
Unlock tailored insights that align with your business goals with our newly-released CES and custom feedback survey options.
CES and custom survey types in Klaus

Gathering customer feedback is the only way to truly understand how customers perceive your business.

Measuring various aspects of your customer experience is a crucial component in pinpointing improvement areas, understanding customer needs, and adapting to changes on the market.

Effective surveys are a game changer. So it’s important for support teams to choose survey types that align best with business goals and help capture the most actionable feedback. 

You may want to measure customer satisfaction, uncover room for improvements, or gather feedback on particular product areas (or all of the above!). But you don’t want to overwhelm customers with surveys, and you want quality feedback.

Additionally, using different survey types can help maintain customer engagement, prevent survey fatigue, and provide your team with a diverse range of feedback.

Our newly-released survey options give you the chance to use different survey types and collect valuable insights:

  • Utilize CES and custom survey types to gather customer insights
  • Tailor the rating scale labels to align with your requirements
  • Analyze customer feedback using the updated Survey dashboards
  • Monitor received feedback conveniently through the Activity view

Introducing CES and custom survey types 

While CSAT is more of an overall relationship metric, CES (Customer Effort Score) surveys are designed to measure how much effort customers have to put in to interact with your team and get to a solution. 

For example, if customers consistently report difficulties resolving an issue, you can investigate why and take steps to reduce it. 

When configuring your CES survey in Klaus, you can choose from a selection of predefined questions or add your own as needed. 

Custom surveys

In case CSAT or CES surveys do not fully address the needs of your team, Klaus now offers the option to create custom surveys that are tailored to your specific requirements and cover other aspects of your customer experience. 

For example, use them to gather feedback on your team’s responsiveness, how issues are resolved, or how useful the guidance the team offered is. 

For the time being, you can only set up surveys containing a single question per survey. 

Klaus giving himself ten out of ten.

Feedback surveys that fit with your style and standards

With Klaus’ feedback survey solution, you have the flexibility to tailor every component to align with your preferred styles and standards. Our simple 4-step editor flow makes it easy to set yourself up for success. 

When creating a new survey in the Survey view in Klaus, you’ll be able to choose which survey template you want to continue with: CSAT, CES or Custom type. Then, fill in the blanks in the setup flow and you’re good to go! 

Klaus survey type picker modal


Alongside uploading your logo and customizing your survey with your company colors, make sure to add your brand name to the setup. Doing so allows you to use it as a personalization token when setting up the survey.


In the content tab, you’ll be able to configure the survey content (email, rating scales, thank you message), using personalization tokens where needed. 

There you can also choose or add a new survey question, depending on the survey type selected. 

When creating custom type surveys, each of these types will be saved as a kind of a template for you to use again later. 

For example:

  • You create a custom survey to collect feedback on resolution.
  • Select the ‘Resolution’ type from the ‘Type’ drop-down
  • Analyze all collected feedback for similar survey types under one dashboard.

Once you’ve chosen the rating scale, you can now also customize the labels to match with the survey question. 


Determine who gets the survey and when. You can send out Klaus’ CSAT survey via email or Intercom messenger


Add any language from the list you wish to send the survey in. If you opt for Klaus’ default survey content setup (in other words, making no modifications), everything is translated automatically for you out of the box. 

You can then review and modify the translations, and decide when to make the language visible to respondents.

Learn more about setting up Surveys in Klaus here > 

KlausGPT for Surveys

The rating that customers leave after a support interaction may not necessarily be a reflection of your support team’s performance. 

KlausGPT for surveys is there to make it easier for your customers to lend their thoughts on what they mean by their feedback.

How does it work?

KlausGPT produces an automatic summary of the conversation to help recalling what happened during the interaction. By providing a brief review, we encourage people to delve deeper into their thoughts and gain further understanding from the feedback received.

The feedback that provides the most valuable insights are open-ended written comments. KlausGPT facilitates the writing process by suggesting snippets that align with the original conversation, allowing people to get into the writing zone and provide more detailed feedback.

To turn on the feature, simply toggle the switch in the Content tab when setting up your survey. 

Klaus tracking everything.

Keep tabs on received customer feedback

Next to received comments, reviews and disputes, you and your support reps can now view all the feedback received from customer surveys in the Activity view. 

Explore the depths of your collected data

Gathering feedback is only the first step in understanding how your customers feel about their experience. What you make out of the collected data is what sets you apart from others. 

Klaus’ updated survey dashboard offers access to the same AI-powered analytics capabilities that were previously available for CSAT surveys.

Identify underperforming agents, spot trends, and find the most valuable improvement opportunities by breaking down and analyzing what’s driving your customer feedback. 

customer feedback

Maximize your chances for meaningful insights

Choosing survey types that align best with your goals can be a game changer for understanding your customers and their needs. 

Not only can utilizing effective surveys help maintain customer engagement and prevent survey fatigue, it also paves the way for success by providing your team with a diverse range of feedback. 

Nonetheless, when it comes to enhancing your support quality, customer feedback should not exist in isolation. Combining it with internal quality metrics enables you to gain a truly holistic understanding of your support performance and whether it reflects your internal standards. 

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