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Drive revenue with exceptional customer service using Klaus & Intercom

Connect your Intercom account with Klaus for an automated AI-driven customer service quality management process. Review conversations, track real-time performance metrics & trends, and fix gaps in your customer service.

Klaus is a quality management solution that uses AI to identify gaps in your customer experience before they become a problem. Automate quality management and achieve 100% coverage across agents, teams, BPOs, and languages.
Intercom is an AI powered customer service solution that enables businesses to engage with customers through multiple channels. With automated messaging and chatbots, it streamlines support processes and provides personalized, real-time interactions to enhance customer experiences.

Automatically score and analyze 100% of your agents and Intercom conversations

AI-Powered Quality Management

Connect your Intercom account and let Klaus’ AutoQA review 100% of your interactions, allowing your quality team to focus on the problem areas and fix them.
  • Plug & play solution with no model training required
  • Automatic review assignments & goal setting
  • Positive and negative sentiment analysis
  • Automatic conversation sampling and discovery
  • AI-powered smart filtering
A screenshot showing AI-powered quality management features in Klaus.

Turn customer feedback into true insights

Boost response rates and written comments with AI-powered feedback surveys, sent directly from your Intercom messenger.
  • Build highly customized surveys, like CSAT and CES, across languages & brands
  • AI-generated conversation summaries & suggestive snippets to encourage feedback
  • Track results, combine with IQS, and understand the key drivers of your customer satisfaction
A screenshot showing customer feedback surveys in Klaus.

Track quality metrics and targeted coaching

Quantify internal quality, get actionable metrics for team improvement and agent development, and coach your agents directly inside Klaus.
  • Systematically improve resolution time, interactions per case, and customer satisfaction
  • Identify which agents are underperforming or which parts of the customer experience are failing
  • Visualize & understand the impact of your efforts with coaching sessions
Coaching & learning

How Agorapulse Scales Customer Care Without Losing Quality

“Some of the things that really stood out to me were: the integrations with Slack and Intercom, the easy binary rating system, the granular reporting/analytical features, and the transparent pricing.”

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