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Kustomer + Klaus Integration for Quality Assurance

Connect your Kustomer account with Klaus to review and rate Kustomer conversations. Track quality metrics with ease and collaborate with your team.

Klaus measurably improves customer service quality by making internal feedback easy and systematic.
Kustomer makes personalized, efficient, and effortless customer service a reality with real-time, actionable views of customers and conversations.

Streamline your customer service QA process with Klaus

Find and review tickets

Connect and display your Kustomer account contents in a few clicks. Filter out tickets you’d like to see, review the conversations and start leaving valuable feedback that helps agents develop.
IQS - Internal Quality Score Dashboard

Measure internal quality and track trends

Quantify internal quality, get actionable metrics for team improvement and agent development, see trends over time.
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How Wistia Set Up Customer Service Peer Reviews on Klaus

The people behind Wistia believe in the powers of amazing customer service - and that’s what they aim to provide to their customers, too.

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