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How Agorapulse Scales Customer Care Without Losing Quality

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Agorapulse is a social media management tool whose success has really exploded. They’ve confidently scaled to a global business, embarking on a journey to make marketers’ work lives easier.

However, growing a company is not an easy task. Agorapulse’s customer care team has put a lot of effort into onboarding new hires as smoothly and efficiently as possible to make sure that customers always receive outstanding support – regardless of whether they are talking to the more experienced members of the team or the newest support folks.

With a sharp focus on quality and a systematic support QA program, Agorapulse has been delivering customer satisfaction of 93-96%, even as their team has been growing month over month.

Kristell Cormarie, Head of Customer Care at Agorapulse, shared insight into how they scaled their CX teams without sacrificing support quality thanks to quality reviews on Zendesk QA (formerly Klaus). 

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QA for customer service, success, and sales

Providing feedback to customer care agents was a no-brainer for Agorapulse. Reviewing tickets to assess how well the team meets internal quality standards is a clear and intuitive way of bringing consistency into customer interactions.

As the team grew, Kristell realized that their current method of providing feedback – leaving internal notes in their help desk – was not going to scale. Luckily, she’d heard about the review tool Zendesk QA in the Support Driven community.

Fast forward to now, Agorapulse uses Zendesk QA for internal reviews for the entire customer care department:

  • The support team focuses on providing reactive help and solving customers’ problems as they occur. QA reviews make sure agents meet Agorapulse’s own rigorous internal criteria for product knowledge, suitable tone, and other necessary aspects in every communication.
  • Agorapulse has cracked driving product engagement and upsells through customer service: instead of trying to reach out to their customers, they make use of the conversations they already have open with support agents. “As I have you, I noticed that you are not using this new feature” is a neat way of finalizing a successful conversation with a touch of upselling. Agorapulse evaluates how well their agents seized upon these opportunities in a separate rating category on Zendesk QA .
  • The customer success team aims to offer proactive assistance and give customers the white-glove treatment. Conversation reviews help track the team’s performance in rating categories that matter most in this respect and in the topics specifically important for customer success like, for example, “Competition knowledge”.
  • Sales conversation reviews are another brilliant way of improving the quality of customer-facing interactions outside the customer care department, as well. Agorapulse’s sales team has a separate workspace dedicated to sales QA. Learn more about quality reviews for sales conversations.

Feedback is a powerful tool for improving the quality of customer-facing interactions and maintaining consistency across teams, agents, and channels. Agorapulse demonstrates an excellent method of growing external communications without sacrificing quality in any aspect by having a strong QA program in place.

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Onboarding customer care teams to quality reviews

Kristell Cormarie, Head of Customer Care at Agorapulse, said that before rolling out a systematic QA program, agents were craving feedback. In a quality-oriented environment, people are keen on continual performance improvement and finding new ways for becoming better at their jobs.

“Forget about the word ‘rate’,” Kristell explained when they introduced quality reviews in Agorapulse’s customer care teams. Though QA involves systematic assessments, the main goal of quality scores is to highlight agents’ areas of improvement to help them grow through consistent feedback.

Agorapulse involved the entire team in the process of building their quality scorecard and standards. During their annual company retreat, they brainstormed together to come up with a rubric that everybody understood and agreed with.

Once they’d set up their QA program as a team effort, it was easy to get everybody engaged in conversation reviews. Reviewing two conversations per agent on a daily basis has become an easy habit for managers since they started using the dedicated QA tool, Zendesk QA .

Managers discuss the feedback with their team members in monthly 1:1 meetings, which is a mixture of performance reviews and general chats about how the agents are doing. For performance reviews, managers and agents examine each rating category in Zendesk QA and identify challenges that the agent can take on in the next month to improve.

Agorapulse uses rating categories to set goals for agents’ professional development. For example, if an agent constantly misses the opportunities to introduce additional features to the customers, their goal could be to increase the IQS score by 5% in this specific criterion.

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Organized flows with Zendesk QA

Before Agorapulse started using Zendesk QA, Kristell left feedback to agents as internal notes in their helpdesk. She admits that this wasn’t the most organized way of doing quality assurance, and this affected the frequency and consistency of her feedback.

Kristell has found that the main advantages of working with Zendesk QA are:

  • Easy setup process that didn’t require too much time and effort to get the QA program going;
  • Scalability of the QA process thanks to automation, common scorecards, and easy reporting;
  • The quality dashboard that visualizes drops in the team’s performance and notifies managers about the areas that need to improve.

Like many other companies, Agorapulse noticed a drop in their support quality as they switched to remote work during the lockdown. By looking into which team members’ and quality criterion’s IQS scores suffered the most on Zendesk QA, they were able to shift their focus to fixing these issues immediately.

Agorapulse’s customer care quality program combines quantity-oriented customer service metrics with Internal Quality Score.

  • The combination of quantitative and qualitative metrics and external and internal quality assessments gives a complete picture of the team’s performance and pinpoints the necessary areas of improvement.
  • Consistent feedback is the key to filling knowledge gaps in the team and delivering outstanding customer experiences across the team and support channels.

Conducting Quality Assurance across all CX teams – including support, customer success, and sales – ensures that the entire company delivers outstanding customer experiences in every customer interaction.

We’re extremely happy to be a part of Agorapulse’s growth story.

Give Zendesk QA a go to see see how it can help to scale the business without sacrificing customer care quality.

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