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Klaus’ CSAT has entered the chat

Send out Klaus’ CSAT surveys from your Intercom messenger, and analyze the results on our improved CSAT dashboard.
Klaus' CSAT enters the chat

There’s no doubt that CSAT is one of the most effective ways to measure how satisfied your customers are with your services. 

When collected and analyzed correctly, it provides great insights into your customers and helps you discover possible improvement areas.

💡 CSAT remains the most important KPI for 75% of customer service leaders.

However, when it comes to collecting feedback from your customers, timing is everything. 

Doing it at the right time, when the emotion and memory of the interaction are still fresh, is key to boosting response rates and receiving more insightful feedback. 

Introducing: Klaus’ CSAT for Intercom messenger 😻

Seize the moment with your favorite cat and: 

  • Send out unique, customized surveys that reflect your brand
  • Allow customers to give feedback directly from the Intercom chat window
  • Track results, combine with IQS, and understand the key drivers of customer satisfaction

Klaus’ CSAT in your Intercom messenger

Timing is everything, especially when collecting feedback from your customers.

Doing it at the right moment, when the emotion and memory of the interaction are still fresh, is key to boosting response rates and receiving more accurate and insightful feedback.

To help you take advantage of having your customer’s attention and skip switching between different channels, we’ve enabled sending out Klaus’ CSAT surveys directly from your Intercom messenger. This way, your customers can conveniently give feedback without leaving the chat window.

Should the chat be closed or the survey not get a response, a follow-up email is sent out to ensure the most is made out of the interaction.

Make it purr-sonal

While many helpdesk platforms offer built-in CSAT surveys, they are often templatized and don’t allow personality or your brand’s uniqueness to shine through.

Klaus' customizable CSAT survey

Klaus’ CSAT solution makes it easy to stand out by enabling you to personalize your CSAT survey with custom messaging, rating scales, and more – also when sent out via the Intercom messenger.

Learn how to set up Klaus’ CSAT for your Intercom account here>

Improved CSAT Dashboard

CSAT and IQS at a glance

Whether you use Klaus’ CSAT solution or a third-party tool, monitoring and analyzing the results is invaluable for spotting learning opportunities and comprehending how happy your customers are with your services.

However, combining CSAT with your team’s IQS offers a much more balanced understanding of your support quality and how it compares to your internal standards.

Now, you can quickly get an overview of your team’s CSAT and IQS and analyze how the results change over time at a glance.

See what drives your CSAT

In addition to keeping track of your overall CSAT score, monitoring survey progress, and identifying low-performing agents, you can now gain better visibility into the key drivers behind your CSAT.

Klaus' CSAT dashboard

Our updated CSAT dashboard lets you dive deeper into the collected data and break down what’s behind your CSAT.

See how your performance changes over time and discover potential improvement areas – split by channel, source, helpdesk tags, or CSAT reason – and get insights into which type of CSAT comments impact your performance the most.

Klaus' AI-powered CSAT dashboard

Predicted CSAT drivers

While your CSAT score gives a general understanding of how happy your customers are with your services, the most insightful part about why a score was given often lies in the written feedback.

Whether it’s complaints or praise about the agent, feedback about the product, or pricing – knowing what’s behind the score is essential in understanding what really needs improving.

However, analyzing what drives customer satisfaction and what brings it down often includes the time-consuming step of manually categorizing these comments. Luckily, we complete this step for you when using Klaus to look deeper into your CSAT data.

Our out-of-the-box AI solution automatically recognizes patterns in the free text comments and allocates them under pre-defined categories – Predicted CSAT drivers – on Klaus’ CSAT dashboard. All this without requiring any additional effort from you.

In addition to extending the list of pre-defined CSAT comment drivers, you can now interact with the categories and find more meaningful insights using our improved filters specifically built for Klaus’ AI magic.

Additionally, you can identify more insightful comments based on their length and see what conversations lie behind Klaus’ word cloud and CSAT reasons.

Chat’s all folks!

With Klaus’ CSAT for Intercom, you’re maximizing your chances of getting insightful customer feedback by giving your customers a simple way to respond to your timely, personalized surveys.

Feedback you can then break down and analyze, like never before with the power of AI, to improve the quality of your support. From chat to high CSAT, all from one single dashboard!

Learn more about Klaus’ CSAT Dashboard here >

Note: CSAT surveys and basic analytics are available for all Klaus’ plans. The updated AI-powered dashboard reporting is available on our Pro and Advanced plans.

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