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Review Assignments Now Available in the Extension

Mar 10, 2023
Let Klaus do the heavy lifting. Simplify your QA process by automating the tedious job of assigning the right conversations for your team to review.
Assignments in the browser extension

By allowing you to provide feedback and grade conversations wherever they happen, Klaus’ browser extension is the simplest way to boost your customer support quality. 

However, running conversation reviews regularly is key to making it a healthy habit and seeing actual results. 

According to the 2023 Customer Service Quality Benchmark report, 86% of organizations agree that conversation reviews improve the quality of customer service.

With Review Assignments now available in the Browser Extension, it’s easier than ever to provide your team with a consistent flow of insightful conversations to review – ensuring a seamless QA process across all communication channels.  

By letting our secret army of robot cats automate the time-consuming part of assigning the right conversations to review, you can not only save time, but make sure everyone in your team gets reviewed based on your set conditions. 

Discover what’s new

  • Use Assignments in the Extension to automate your review process
  • View received feedback directly in the Extension

Klaus' secret army of robot cats

Automate the tedious part of the QA process

Automatically assigning conversations to your reviewers is a great way to maximize using your resources wisely. 

By using Review Assignments in the Klaus Browser Extension, you can ensure your team focuses on interactions with the greatest impact. 

Simply set up your Assignment criteria and goals in Klaus, and voilà – you’re ready to take your QA process in the Extension to the next level.

When it comes to conversations happening outside your helpdesk (the domain is added through the Extension), the interaction needs to be created first. In other words, someone has had to review it first for the Assignments to be able to recognize and add it to the rotation. 

Read more about how to set up your Assignments in the Extension here >

All your received feedback in one place

Previously, when clicking on the received feedback, it directed you to Klaus to take a closer look. Now, you can view all the details related to the review directly in the Extension, keeping all your actionable insights in one place. 

No better time than the purr-sent 👉 download the Extension here

Klaus’ Browser Extension is available for our Professional and Advanced plan users.

What else is new

  • We’ve sprinkled the Conversation filters with some more AI magic. We’ve added a bunch of Smart Filters, enabling you to find conversations based on their language, reply count (both agent and customer), number of participating agents, most active agent, average word count, and more.
  • Reduce language barriers and the need to use external translation tools with Klaus’ On-demand translation. You can now translate the conversation into English with just one click on the 🌐 icon on the top bar of the Conversation view. Find the list of all supported languages here.

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