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Supercharge Talkdesk with Klaus

Connect your Talkdesk account to Klaus to speed up your contact center QA. Use AI to speed up your processes, evaluate your interactions across various channels, keep track of real-time quality KPIs, and base decisions on data-driven insights.

Klaus is a customer service quality management platform. Listen to and transcribe call recordings, pinpoint and fix gaps in your service, and provide systematic feedback to encourage your agents to become better at what they do. Create lifelong customers along the way.
Talkdesk is a next-generation cloud contact center platform that helps your service team deliver an unmatched customer experience. Leverage intelligent routing, contextual customer data, actionable reporting, and more.

A 360° approach to customer service quality improvement

Streamline the QA process

Easily evaluate and identify customer service problems in real-time. Build scorecards that reflect your business needs, filter out tickets you’d like to see, review the conversations, and start leaving valuable feedback that helps agents develop.
IQS - Internal Quality Score Dashboard

Get your agents up to speed

View real-time KPIs by agent to ensure consistent performance amongst agents and identify top and low-performers. Deliver transparent and actionable feedback. With ongoing visibility into their performance, there are no surprises.

Keep your finger on the pulse of agent and team performance

Understand the true relationship between CSAT, FCR, NPS – and quality. Get an instant overview of the big picture or drill into the details – up to you. Klaus' KPI dashboard helps you focus on the agents and processes that need your attention most.
How Education Perfect Pushes CSAT Beyond 96% with Klaus
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How Education Perfect Pushes CSAT Beyond 96% with Klaus

Education Perfect uses Klaus to boost their support performance with regular conversation reviews. Before that, EP managed their internal ticket reviews in spreadsheets but it took them twice as much time to manage these processes manually.

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