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CallHippo + Klaus Integration

Looking to gain control over your phone support quality and boost agent productivity like never before? The CallHippo and Klaus integration is the ideal cocktail to quench your thirst!

Klaus quality management platform helps to gain control over your phone support quality by making monitoring phone support easy, intuitive, and systematic.
CallHippo is a modern call center software that helps you stay in touch with your customers. It’s intuitive, has robust functionality, and comes loaded with features.

Looking to gain control over your phone support quality?

Ticket synchronization

Pull calls automatically into Klaus for internal reviews. Save hours on copy-pasting data manually from one place to another.
IQS - Internal Quality Score Dashboard

Custom scorecards

Use rating categories that reflect your customer service goals and internal quality standards; pair them with a suitable rating scale of your choice.

Quality dashboard

Track your agents’ performance over time, find your team’s weak spots, zoom into individual achievements, and notice any drops in quality right when they happen.

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