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Drive revenue with exceptional customer service using Klaus & Genesys Cloud CX

Integrate your Genesys Cloud account with Klaus for a scaled, automated customer support quality assurance process driven by AI. Review your interactions across all channels, track real-time quality KPIs with ease, and make data-driven decisions.

Use AI to pinpoint and fix gaps in your service. Automate QA and achieve 100% coverage across agents, teams, BPOs, and languages. Create lifelong customers along the way.
Genesys Cloud CX
Genesys Cloud CX is an all-in-one contact center solution, designed to unify customer and agent experiences across various communication channels, such as phone, emails, chats, social channels, and more.

Automatically score and analyze 100% of your agents and interactions

AI-Powered Quality Management

Connect your Genesys Cloud account and let Klaus’ AutoQA review 100% of your conversations, allowing your quality team to focus on the problem areas and fix them.
  • Plug & play solution with no model training required
  • Automatic review assignments & goal setting
  • Positive and negative sentiment analysis
  • On-demand conversation translation
  • Automatic conversation sampling and discovery
A screenshot showing AI-powered quality management features in Klaus.

Track KPIs and improve agent performance

Truly understand the ins and outs of performance and quality, with the right data analysis & metrics to coach your team directly within Klaus.
  • Systematically improve resolution time, interactions per case, and customer satisfaction
  • AI-enhanced trends & insights to improve on department, team, and individual level
  • Proactively analyze all agent interactions,
 not just a sample
  • Build stronger relationships between teams and decrease agent attrition
Coaching & learning

Turn customer feedback into true insights

Boost response rates and written comments with AI-powered feedback surveys
  • Highly customizable feedback analytics, across languages & brands
  • AI-generated conversation summaries & suggestive snippets to encourage feedback
  • Automatic comment categorization for a more insightful analysis
A screenshot showing customer feedback surveys in Klaus.
Miguel from Glovo

Glovo uses Klaus to Maintain High Quality Support across BPOs and Borders

“Klaus adapts to your needs and will simply make your life easier. It's given us easy access to control the information we share with the BPOs and reduced our average time per audit from 10 to 2 minutes."

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