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Geckoboard + Klaus Integration

Connect Klaus with Geckoboard and create KPI dashboards for easy-to-understand visualizations of your data.

Klaus' customer service quality management platform helps to understand service quality, improve support KPIs, and boost customer loyalty.
Geckoboard lets you pull in data from over 80 integrations and build a real-time dashboard in minutes. No more digging around in different tools to see the data that can make a difference.

Get the complete quality management toolset

Provide consistently better answers.

Combine internal quality reviews (IQS) with customer feedback (CSAT) for a full picture.
IQS - Internal Quality Score Dashboard

Measure support quality and capture trends.

View real-time KPIs to ensure consistent performance amongst agents and identify top and low-performers. Understand the true relationship between CSAT, FCR, NPS – and quality.

Identify coaching opportunities.

Deliver transparent and actionable feedback. With ongoing visibility into their performance, there are no surprises.

Geckoboard Elevates Customer Support with Klaus

"Improving information sharing was one of the main reasons Geckoboard created a conversation review program for their customer service team."

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