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Assembled + Klaus Integration

Connect Klaus with Assembled for a seamless customer service workforce management and quality assurance experience.

Use AI to pinpoint and fix gaps in your service. Automate QA and achieve 100% coverage across agents, teams, BPOs, and languages. Create lifelong customers along the way.
Make optimal staffing decisions, gain visibility into contact center performance, and unlock new ways to serve evolving customer needs.

Plug and Play Quality Management

Achieve 100% coverage

  • Automatically analyze and score 100% of your agents and conversations.
  • Automatic review assignments & goal setting.
  • Positive and Negative Sentiment analysis.
  • On-demand conversation translation.
  • Root cause analysis.
AutoQA Dashboard Klaus

Understand the true relationship between CSAT, FCR, NPS – and quality

  • Immediately understand what leads to the best and worst customer outcomes based on your business.
  • Get unfiltered visibility into what's happening with your agents, customers, CX processes, and business.
  • Recognize a decreasing knowledge trend and figure out whether this is at an agent level, common in a team, or is a wider issue.

Improve agent performance with data-driven coaching

  • Proactively analyze all agent interactions, not just a sample, to look for coaching opportunities to improve service and prevent costly issues.
  • Target weaknesses relevant to your team and encourage active learning.
  • Visualize & understand the impact of your efforts with coaching sessions.
A screenshot showing agent coaching capabilities in Klaus.

Wild Alaskan supercharges their support organization with Assembled and Klaus

“We can definitely tell that Assembled and Klaus are tools driven by support professionals who really understand that support operations can be crucial to the success of your company… this is how we accomplish our goals together and this is how our days can run smoothly.”

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