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New Integration to Bring Customer Relationships to the Fore-Front

Sep 1, 2022
Introducing the all-meow Klaus x Front integration. Learn more about this pawsome new duo.

The ultimate goal of support is to build deeper, more long-lasting relationships with customers. 

However, very often, as businesses grow, they’re forced to make the choice between operational efficiency and customer relationships. 

But that’s not going to be you. Because with the all-meow Front and Klaus integration, you can effortlessly do both!

You’ll now be able to pull customer conversations from Front into Klaus and:

  • identify issues as they arise,
  • get actionable metrics to track your support quality, 
  • provide training and feedback based on actual conversations.

All of which will ultimately result in you delivering ameowzing customer experiences at scale. 

Learn more about this pawsome new duo and how you can use them to bring customer relationships to the forefront. 

Conquer the final Front-ier of building better customer relationships  

Front is a customer communication hub that helps teams ensure every conversation strengthens the customer relationship.

Their power-packed pawduct combines the automation of ticketing software with the personal touch of email so that you can resolve issues faster while still making every customer feel like a VIP.


Here’s why over 8,000 businesses, including Shopify, Airbnb, Lyft, and Mailchimp, use Front to deliver fast, accurate responses with a human touch:

  • Omnichannel messaging: Connect with your customers on the channel they prefer, whether that’s email, SMS, social media, or WhatsApp. 
  • Collaboration: Share knowledge and collaborate on critical customer messages in real-time to provide the best response possible.
  • Customer Data: Make every teammate an expurrt on the customer they’re communicating with thanks to a 360° view of all customer information, including all their previous interactions.  
  • Automated workflows: Improve performance with workflows that automate manual tasks and allow your team to focus on what’s most important, your customers. 
  • Powerful Analytics: Get detailed insight into your team’s performance and their impact. Use this data to improve team efficiency and the health of customer relationships.

Get Klaus-er to your goal of delivering amazing customer experiences at scale 

Klaus is a support quality management platform dedicated to helping your agents make the most out of every support interaction. 

You can go through chats, find your team’s areas where improvement is needed, and provide constant feedback to encourage your agents to become better at what they do. 


Here’s why hypergrowth companies, including Pipedrive, Buffer, Wistia, and Helloprint choose Klaus for managing their support quality:  

  • Customizable scorecards: Track the quality criteria most important to you based on your unique vision of a perfect support interaction with customizable scorecards.
  • Instant review samples: Klaus pulls in conversations automatically from your helpdesk. Plus, the browser extension allows you to grade conversations wherever they happen. No manual copy-pasting of ticket data means saving a good few hours every week. 
  • Conversation Insights: Get a complete overview of what’s going on in your help desk and use the interactive data visualizations to answer the most intri-cat questions about your reviews and conversations.
  • CSAT: Set targets in your dedicated CSAT dashboard, send out fully customizable surveys, track changes, and connect with your review program to get the complete picture of your support quality.  
  • Coaching sessions: Identify agents that need coaching the most, set action items, and easily track their completion. Get a detailed overview of ongoing coaching activities and share the sessions with other team members for additional insights.
  • Quality metrics dashboard: Track your support team’s performance over time, see which aspect of communication they’re struggling with the most, and zoom into specific agents’ quality scores. You’ve got a full overview of how your team performs against your quality standards. 

Move to the Front, the view from the back sucks 

The new Front and Klaus integration make setting up a systematic internal quality review program for your customer service team so easy, that you’ll paws in disbelief. 


To set it up, all you’ll need to do is: 

  • Sign in to your Klaus account or create one if you don’t have it already (comes with a 7-day free trial, no strings attached).
  • Connect your Front account with Klaus using your API token
  • Create your quality scorecard: Define your criteria in rating categories and accompany them with a suitable rating scale.
  • Invite your team members to the Klaus party. We’ll automatically pull the list of your team members over from your Front account. All you have to do is decide who gets to be the reviewers, agents, and admins of your account.
  • Start reviewing conversations and track your team’s progress in the quality dashboard.

That’s it, as easy as getting a cat to ignore you!

So go make the most out of these two customer-obsessed companies joining forces and take your support quality to a level that you thought was impawsible.  

The only downside? Your competitors will absolutely hate you for soaring ahead of them!

Need more help in setting up a successful QA program for your support team? Get inputs from the who’s who of CX over at our online community, Quality Tribe

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