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How Helloprint Delivers Exceptional E-commerce Experiences with Zendesk QA



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Helloprint is a marketplace for customized print products, including photobooks, mugs, high-quality apparel, promotional products, all kinds of packaging products, and more. 

Based out of Valencia, Spain, their Customer Experience department has grown from just 5, a few years ago, to 140 people today. 

In this time, they’ve gone on to become Europe’s leading marketplace for customized print products serving over 650,000 customers.

Using Zendesk QA (formerly Klaus), this rapid growth hasn’t stopped them from posting staggering support numbers like an 89.9% CSAT and a 94.6% IQS.

So we had to find out:

  • how they’ve managed to maintain consistency while scaling so quickly
  • what sets them apart from the competition in such a crowded landscape
  • and what plans they have from a CX perspective in the months coming ahead

Fortunately, Hester Verberg, the Customer Experience Manager of Helloprint, kindly agreed to give us the full scoop. 


A focus on the wider customer experience rather than just support 

Helloprint deals with a wide range of customers, including designers, other businesses, and even common folk, trying to get things printed, like you or me. 

To ensure that the correct information is provided in the easiest manner to each and every customer, their Customer Experience department has multiple teams working together closely. This includes their:  

  • Customer Support team: Providing customer service in 13 countries
  • Artwork team: Handling more technical queries related to printing 
  • Logistics team: Coordinating with producers across 21 countries to ensure things get delivered on time

Additionally, they also have a Customer Happiness and Improvement team focused on support quality and providing new agents with all the tools and knowledge to get up to speed in the shortest span of time. 

Hiring people with the right cultural fit 

Great customer expurriences begin right from the hiring process. 

And that’s why Helloprint makes it a point to look for candidates who share the same mission and values they hold dearest. 

So besides looking for people with the right technical skillset, they place a large emphasis on people with the right cultural fit. 

Support is not looked at as a place where you’re just supposed to answer phones and stick to scripts. Instead, agents are given a lot of space and freedom to make their customers as happy as possible. 

For this, it’s essential for agents to be receptive to feedback from both customers and managers. And this is something else that Helloprint looks for right from the first interview. 

Fostering a culture of feedback 


As Hester put it, “You can’t do what’s best for the customer without being receptive to feedback”. 

Luckily for them, their robust hiring process means that their agents are not only receptive to feedback but actively seek it out.  

And with Zendesk QA, they have the perfect tool to give their agents exactly what they want. 

“The feedback from agents was very positive. They are curious to see how their conversations were rated and wanted to know how to further improve upon them. They talk between themselves about the contacts and in this way they were also learning from each other”

And this isn’t just limited to internal feedback. They also pay close attention to what customers are talking about and the biggest challenges they face on the website, with suppliers, etc. Information that is then used to plug gaps and further elevate the customer experiences they deliver. 

Switching from spreadsheets to a dedicated tool for a more efficient support QA process  

We’ve already highlighted the massive role feedback plays at Helloprint. 

But before using Zendesk QA, Helloprint was trying to manage this by working with handmade scorecards on Excel. And with this came a number of problems:

  • It took a lot of time to find the right conversations to review and calculate scores
  • Giving feedback was cumbersome, agents were not automatically informed about reviewed conversations
  • The document was unattractive and hard to read making it difficult to visualize progress, patterns, and trends

“Zendesk QA stood out for us because of the easy to read interface and the dashboard that immediately shows where the pain points lay per country and where to focus on. Having conversations broken down by channel, CSAT, or country, helps make the process much faster.

Regular reviews to help underperforming agents and challenge high-performing ones 

At Helloprint, team leads aim to review at least 2 conversations per agent each week. They use the Complexity filter as well as a custom filter of their own to review contacts with negative CSAT. 

They also make full use of the browser extension to review a contact when they bump into one and want to review it instantly. 

“The amount of feedback is going up. It was too much of a hassle to sit down and look for conversations without a filter. Using Zendesk QA, we are saving about 20 to 30 minutes per piece of feedback given.” 

From a coaching perspective, the primary focus is on helping struggling agents. High-performing agents, on the other hand, are given a lot of pawsitive reinforcement for their good work and often roped in to mentor underperforming ones. 

They also have operations meeting each week where they display the quality and quantity of rated conversations per country and identify areas they can further improve upon.

On to the future – More agents and a dedicated QA specialist 


So, what’s next for Helloprint? 

Well, the Helloprint Express has no signs of slowing down. In fact, just by the time this article is published, they plan to have at least 20 more agents on board.

Additionally, they’re also looking to hire a dedicated support QA specialist to do quality checks via Zendesk QA to review even more contacts and give daily feedback to their agents. 

In closing, we’ll leave you with a great piece of advice, from Hester, for other e-commerce players looking to knock it out of the park with amazing customer experiences:

Empower your team by giving them constant feedback and freedom to come up with solutions themselves instead of set scripts. That makes the job fun and makes customers happy.  With a focus on quality and fun in your job, the rest will follow!

Written by

Diogo Costa
Diogo is one of Zendesk QA’s Customer Success Managers. Born and bred in Brazil, he now lives in sunny Lisbon, spent some time in Estonia before that, and you’ve probably seen him on a dance floor somewhere.

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