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Meet AQS: AI-Powered Support Metric for Quality Insights

Apr 1, 2024
Gain unmatched visibility into your support performance with our brand-new customer service metric – Automated Quality Score.
Automated Quality Score announcement

Imagine this: every support interaction your team handles is rated for quality — automatically.

Enter the scene-stealer: the Automated Quality Score (AQS). AQS, our brand-new customer service quality metric, is calculated based on the AutoQA categories you use. It makes the ideal sidekick for our all-time favorite Internal Quality Score (IQS).

While IQS has been the guiding light for understanding and improving your customer service quality, AQS adds another level of visibility into your support performance on a much higher scale.

What is Automated Quality Score (AQS)

Fueled by AI-based assessments that cover all your interactions, AQS provides a comprehensive overview of your entire support team’s conversation quality at all times. This enables you to:

  • Gain immediate understanding into performance without manual intervention
  • Ensure consistency in scoring and establish standardized benchmarks
  • Get further insights into trends, patterns and improvement areas on a larger scale

Essentially, it is calculated like IQS, but based on your active AutoQA categories.

AQS will appear alongside your internal quality score (IQS) in the Reviews tab of your conversation view for easy comparisons, and will also feature on the AutoQA dashboard.

How to set up AQS using your AutoQA categories

The automated quality score takes into account all the AutoQA categories activated on your scorecard settings. This means that even if some of the AutoQA categories have not been added to your manual QA scorecards, AQS still calculates the score as a whole.

Moving forward, we suggest identifying the automated categories that you fully trust and prefer not to review manually.

Take, for instance, Grammar and Spelling – machines can handle it often better than humans do. So, you can simply choose to not include these auto categories on your manual scorecards, saving you time and effort.

Ideally, your manual efforts should prioritize process-related and more complex categories that AutoQA is not smart enough to evaluate accurately. Like process adherence or product knowledge. 

By structuring your scorecards in this manner, you get the best of both worlds: automated insights and efficiency coupled with human oversight where it truly matters.

However, if you opt to include certain AutoQA categories on your manual scorecards, any overrides made to auto-scores will solely impact your IQS, not the AQS.

The latest addition to your automated QA toolkit

Incorporating AQS to your automated quality assurance arsenal takes your internal quality evaluations to the next level, ensuring visibility into your support performance for 100% of your interactions.

Alongside IQS and manual reviews, AQS serves an invaluable partner, providing deeper insights into performance trends and areas of improvement on a scale human reviewers alone are unable to reach.

AQS is available for all users on the AI Suite plan or higher.

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