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Boost Response Rates with Custom CSAT Surveys to Match Your Brand

Dec 5, 2022
Stay en route to 100% CSAT with Klaus’ personalized CSAT surveys. Capture interest and valuable insights with tailor-made messaging and elements unique to your brand.
Klaus Multibrand CSAT

CSAT surveys may be straightforward, but there is more to setting them up than meets the eye. 

On the one hand, asking for CSAT at the right moment  – when the emotion and memory of the interaction are still fresh – is key to boosting response rates.

On the other, you have to think of how to ask for feedback.

Setting the foundation to gather beneficial and accurate insights does not just involve asking the right question at the right time but also: 

  • Targeting the right audience with appropriate messaging
  • Matching the messaging to your support channel
  • Tailoring the style to your customer base
  • Staying true to the uniqueness of your brand 

While there are CSAT tools out there in all shapes and sizes, Klaus’ built-in CSAT solution makes it easy to find the balance between the various elements.

Klaus’ CSAT survey users have seen feedback response rates up as high as 60%.
Klaus ensures you stand out from the crowd by enabling you to personalize every aspect of your survey – including custom messaging, brand design, rating scales, and more. 

But that’s not all…

To make things even better, we’ve now enabled sending out multiple surveys that speak to your customers. 😻

Klaus CSAT survey editor

Talk the talk + walk the walk

Previously, Klaus’ CSAT survey users could set up only one survey. But we know that 72% of customers will only engage with personalized messaging, so we’ve made it possible to set up multiple ones to better cat-er to your needs (and your customers wants!). 

Whether you want to differentiate your company’s brands or target specific audiences with customized messaging, it’s now all in the cards. 

Klaus CSAT list of surveys

You can get an overview of the created surveys from the overall CSAT survey view, helping you keep track of: 

  • The survey creation date
  • The status of the survey – whether it’s a draft, active, or has been paused
  • How many surveys have been sent out in the last 30 days
77% of support teams reported tracking CSAT in our 2022 Customer Service Quality Benchmark Survey 😺

Personalized surveys that speak to your customers

Although many helpdesk platforms accommodate in-house CSAT surveys, they are often templatized and don’t offer many options to adapt them to your needs. But sticking true to the brand (and true to the customer) can be consequential to an excellent response rate.

With Klaus’ CSAT survey, you can tailor every aspect to match your styles and standards. It’s as simple as 1-2-3 with our editor flow.

Brand styling

In addition to uploading your logo and customizing the CSAT survey with your brand colors, you can now add your brand name, which you may later use as a personalization token during the survey setup.  

CSAT Brand Styling


Modify the survey content, including the sender’s name, email, subject line, and survey question. Here’s where the personalization tokens come into play: drag and drop the token to the relevant field to make use of it.

CSAT Setup Content


Determine who gets the survey and when. You can send out Klaus’ CSAT survey via email or Intercom messenger

Rating scale

Choose how granular you would like feedback to be: most CSAT surveys use 3-, 5-, or 7-point scales.

In addition to giving your customers the option to explain why they gave a particular score, you can also set up a custom drop-down list of reasons to choose from. 

Thank you message

Sign off in style by adding a custom thank you message to your customers. 

And you’re done! No HTML, design, or other skills are needed. 

Multiple surveys are available for Klaus’ Professional and Advanced plan users. 

The most accurate way to understand customer service performance is by collating internal metrics (IQS) with external metrics (like CSAT). Read more about Pipedrive’s strategy to kick their customer service KPIs beyond benchmark goals.

CSAT API & Webhooks

Connect Klaus’ CSAT data with your existing data analytics tool using our CSAT API endpoints. 

CSAT webhooks automatically trigger when new CSAT responses reach Klaus. Using webhooks, you can set up a Slack notification to inform you whenever a customer responds to your CSAT survey. 

CSAT webhooks are available on Klaus’ Advanced plan; contact your Success Manager to learn more.


3 Ways to Improve CSAT Immediately

Analyze results and capture trends 

Successful customer service teams don’t just track CSAT; they analyze and act upon this feedback. 

Whether you’re looking to identify underperforming agents, spot trends, or find the most valuable learning opportunities, Klaus’ CSAT dashboard gives you the tools to make the most of the collected data. 

With plenty of filtering options already available, we’ve added a new layer so that you can distinguish and analyze feedback on a survey level. The ‘Survey’ filter currently only supports feedback collected with Klaus’s CSAT solution. 

What’s more, it’s now possible to:

  • Export your CSAT data in CSV or via API
  • Display your data on the dashboard based on the CSAT sent date 
Klaus CSAT Dashboard

Dive into drivers behind your CSAT

Teams who do not track their CSAT score will ultimately drive their customer support off the road. 

However, the easiest way to navigate your way is to ask for additional information. Especially as the most actionable part of your survey is often found in the additional written comments. 

But analyzing the comments section can be a drag. 

Often, understanding what drives your customer satisfaction or what brings it down is too time-consuming and requires manual work. But we have good news for your productivity: we complete this step for you when using Klaus to analyze your CSAT data. 

Klaus automatically picks up patterns in the written comments and allocates them into pre-defined categories on the CSAT dashboard: 

  • Comment Size 
  • Predicted CSAT Drivers

These AI-powered categories help you find complex insights and understand the causes without spending time sifting through irrelevant feedback. 

Klaus CSAT Drivers

Use them to:

  • Filter out irrelevant information. For example, comments like ‘Bad product’ are unrelated to customer satisfaction
  • Collect agent-specific performance feedback
  • Gain better visibility into the key drivers and break down performance trends 
  • Dig deeper into the data by looking at the CSAT scores and their accompanying comments. Sort the ‘Survey responses’ card view by clicking on the column headers or using the CSAT category filters to find more meaningful feedback. 

A more balanced understanding of your support quality

CSAT surveys are a powerful means to collect insights that help you improve your overall customer experience. 

However, using only customer-informed data is not enough.

Using quality reviews to improve customer satisfaction

By pairing your CSAT with internal quality evaluations, you’ll be able to discern changes to your support quality immediately. This way, you can analyze how customer feedback aligns with your internal standards and nip any problems in the bud.

It’s a cat-ch made in heaven, providing you with a nuanced overview of your customer service quality.

So buckle up and enter the highway to 100% CSAT with Klaus today! As always, your feedback makes us purr, so let us know what you think in the Quality Tribe, or leave us a message instead.

Learn more about setting up your CSAT surveys here >

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