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AutoQA: Introducing Conversation Insights

Nov 10, 2021
Use Klaus' beautiful interactive data visuals to observe & improve your customer service quality. A little curiosity doesn't kill the cat...
Klaus loves data

It is useless to collect data on your conversations if you do not use it. We hear that our clients like to be data-driven – after all, they want to invest in quality, which means making the most of their resources. 

But data collection is merely step one. In order to truly be data-driven, you need to also be data literate. This is the skill of reading, analyzing, and communicating with data. 

We want our cats to have their cream and eat it too. 

Time to pull back the purrtain on our fantastic new feature: Conversation Insights


Let’s get (data) literate 

Conversation Insights provides you with an encompassing overview of what’s going on in your help desk. Use the interactive data visualizations to answer many of the questions on your brain’s backburner about your reviews and conversations. 

The Conversations dial (on the left) segments all your support interactions according to the selected filters – CSAT, Complexity, Language, Sentiment, etc. 

  • Use this sunburst to view all conversations with low CSAT, for example.

 The Agents dial (on the right) segments your conversations according to the agent performance filters – Sentiment, CSAT, and Volume. 

  • Use this sunburst to look at how your agents with the highest CSAT ratings interact, for example. 

On the right of your dashboard, see the corresponding conversations crop up as you interact with the dials. 

Think of this tool like Google Maps, if you will. Conversation Insights is your handy navigation system, letting you both zoom out to see the spectrum of your support conversations and zoom in to ground-level to check in on problem areas (or, by all means, areas in which you are excelling!). 

They look fun, but are they functional? 

Buckle up – this is where it starts getting exciting. 

You may already be aware that what you review is as important as how many reviews you conduct. Actually, it’s more important. You want to be picky about the sample of interactions you review, so only the most meaningful conversations filter through to the review stage. 

One thing our clients love about Klaus is how much it reduces the time they have to spend on customer service quality assurance. However, we also want you to make the most of your time by reviewing the conversations that matter

Use the Conversation Insight sunbursts as filtration systems, ticking the boxes you want to include and excluding the irrelevant interactions. 

Did you know that many of your conversations are ineligible for review? For example, interactions in which the customer says nothing at all. Our text processing wonder-tools sweep away this segment, so the sunbursts only include interactions of substance. 

Does your support team operate across different countries and languages? Klaus automatically detects the language, so reviewers can use Conversation Insights to avoid breaking into a sweat trying to review in a language not their own!

Targeted coaching

Improving your customer service quality is about deriving the wisdom to improve from your processes and agents through conversation reviews. If you simply review an arbitrary sampling of your conversations, the net you cast is too wide to catch the particulars. 

But Klaus is here to help you catch the right fish. Cats like fishing.

In Conversation Insights, use the agent sunburst to make sure, for example, that every agent gets their fair share of reviews. You can also siphon off both the best-performing agents and the ones who have room for improvement. Use these conversations to target problem areas AND let the cream of conversations rise to the top for praise. 

This targeted approach to coaching is a Klaus exclusive. Use it wisely, and your agents will be all the wiser. 

Top tip: use our Pins for Coaching feature to mark the relevant conversations for your 1:1 feedback sessions. 

Science knows no limit

Although, actually, it does. 

Our data team has used Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine learning, and statistical models to bring different dimensions into how you view and analyze your conversations. As sophisticated as this sounds (and is!), it still has its limits. 

Even the simplest of human interactions are complex. Will customer service AI software do your job for you? No – but it can make you better and faster at it. 

Future-proofing your support

Sit tight – the cats in our lab are cooking up even more for you in the months to come! 

Did we say cats? We meant scientists.

Try it out

Have fun digging into your data. As always, hearing from you makes us purr. Get in touch in the chat to let us know what you think!

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