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Explore the Enhanced Look and Feel of Klaus’ Revamped Navigation

Jan 3, 2023
Experience an updated interface, enabling you to quickly navigate between workspaces and find relevant insights. What’s more, keep up with all your actionable items in the new Activity view.
Switching to Klaus' new navigation

We have paved a clearer path in Klaus!

While introducing an enhanced interface, there’s more than an improved look and feel on the other side. 

Navigate your way around workspaces & filters with ease, and jump quickly to relevant data. We don’t want you digging around for meaningful insights when bringing them front and center is easy. 

Also, we’ve introduced a new Activity view. Check out all your actionable items from reviews, comments, and disputes – so you can get to work as soon as you click on the black cat. 

Here’s what’s new:

  • An updated navigation interface in the Conversations, Coaching, and Settings views
  • A new Activity view to accommodate all your actionable items
  • Added options for switching workspaces

Workspaces front and center

Using workspaces is an excellent way for Klaus users to organize their teams and work processes. 

In the new navigation, you’ll notice that we’ve made workspaces a focal point of all the applicable views in Klaus. 

This way, you always stay in the know about which workspace you are currently working in. And if you belong to more than one workspace, you can quickly jump between them without leaving the view.

You’ll notice that, in the new navigation, it’s no longer possible to switch workspaces when clicking on your avatar.

All your actionable items in one view

Being involved in a feedback loop goes beyond submitting a review.

Leaving additional written feedback, engaging in further discussions, involving other team members, or even disputing the review are all part of the process. 

To ensure you and your team stay on top of all ongoing discussions and actionable items, we’ve introduced a new Activity view to accommodate it all in one place. 

New Activity view showcasing received comments

On top of making it easier to find any given or received reviews, it’s now possible to keep up with all your comments in one place, including @mentions and replies. 

What’s more, disputes have now also found a new home in the Activity view. Easily filter and find relevant disputes based on their statuses or keep track of ones assigned to or started by you. 

Enhanced Conversation and Coaching views

With the updated navigation, you can easily find and access insights within the Conversations and Coaching views while enjoying an intuitive interface that’s easy on the eyes.

Conversations view 

Starred conversations 

​You no longer need to create filters to find highlighted conversations you have saved for later. Instead, all your starred interactions are now gathered and available under one roof.  

Drafted reviews 

Similarly to Starred conversations, all your unfinished reviews will now end up under Drafts. Make sure to re-read, modify, and submit them within 30 days from their creation date.

Resize the review sidebar

You can now modify the width of the review sidebar to create more space when writing a review or viewing other given feedback – especially handy on smaller screen sizes. 

Resize review sidebar

Coaching view 

Making the most of Klaus’ coaching capabilities currently requires quite a bit of jumping back and forth.

Our updated navigation brings coaching sessions, pins, and quizzes into the same view, making it easier to switch between the functionalities and keep valuable information close at paw. 

How can you give feedback? 

As always, your feedback makes us purr. 

You can share your experience with us via our chat. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts! 

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