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New LiveAgent and Klaus Integration for Superb Support Quality

Quality assurance7 MIN READSep 22, 2020

New LiveAgent and Klaus Integration for Superb Support Quality


Why do companies switch to using help desk software? Because tracking emails and responses in a shared inbox is a nightmare – especially for your customers who may or may not receive a timely reply to their requests due to the hassle.

The people behind LiveAgent were no strangers to these issues. That’s why they built a lean help desk solution to help customer service teams handle their jobs more efficiently.

Why do companies switch to using customer service QA and conversation review tools? Because internal reviews are the only way support teams can deliver constant and high-quality customer experiences.

LiveAgent’s team knew that too, and so did the people at Klaus, creators of a support QA and conversation review tool for customer service teams.

That’s why we’re launching the brand new native integration that brings LiveAgent and Klaus together to make internal customer service quality reviews seamless, efficient, and enjoyable. 

LiveAgent: From a chat widget to an omnichannel communication platform

LiveAgent is a help desk solution that brings all the most important support channels together in a single omnichannel platform. Emails, chats, calls, and social media posts are seamlessly pulled into a common system to help support agents stay productive and efficient.

Though LiveAgent’s software is equally capable of handling all support channels, their real-time chat solutions are especially noteworthy. Here’s why:

  • Proactive chat invitations help you engage with your customers in the most important parts of their customer journey. For example, you can use this feature to start a chat during the checkout process to build your visitors’ purchase confidence and convert them into paying customers.
  • Website monitoring is the key to knowing when to proactively start a conversation with your customers. See which pages your website visitors are browsing and how much time they’ve spent there. Start a chat when you think they might be struggling with something or when you’d like to help your visitors make up their minds about the purchase
  • The real-time typing view gives your agents extra time to craft the perfect solution and exceed your customers’ expectations in response times. This feature allows your support teams to see what the customers are typing before they’ve hit the Send button. Use it wisely to impress your customers.

Not only is LiveAgent great for communicating with your website visitors, but it also allows you to pull in support requests from your social media accounts, and handles emails and phone calls with ease.

Moreover, you can enhance your support team’s work by building a neat knowledge base for your product and setting up rules and automation that make agents’ lives easier. Let LiveAgent assign tickets to agents or departments based on the rules you’ve made. Add tags and automations based on your specific customer journey.

LiveAgent is a powerful helpdesk software solution that is so easy to use that it suits support teams of all sizes. In the light of the new quality integration with Klaus, it’s the perfect time to check LiveAgent out (if you haven’t already).

LiveAgent helpdesk and Klaus QA

Klaus: The secret behind ensuring customer service quality across all your channels

Klaus is the customer service Quality Assurance (QA) and conversation review tool that support teams love to use. Built by support people for support people, it’s everything agents and managers have been looking for, and more.

Internal quality reviews monitor how well agents’ responses align with your internal quality standards. These are essential for teams that care about their customer relationships. Here’s how Klaus makes QA an integral part of support teams’ life:<

  • Custom scorecards allow companies to track the specific quality criteria that matter most to them. All businesses have a unique vision of the perfect customer-facing interactions and Klaus allows you to reflect that in the rating categories that you use on your individual scorecard.
  • The quality dashboard gives you a comprehensive overview of your team’s performance and lets you zoom in to individual agents’ quality scores. This helps you notice any drops in your support quality, identify the causes, and fix the issues before it’s too late.
  • Slack notifications make sure that your agents never miss a piece of feedback. Timely alerts over Slack is the quickest and most efficient way for your team to become better at what they do from day to day.
  • The browser extension allows you to review customer conversations wherever they happen. Providing agent feedback is no longer confined to the QA tool; use the extension to rate any conversation, anywhere.

Klaus was founded on the idea that regular feedback is the best way to help agents improve their performance. This, in turn, will boost your support quality and result in high customer satisfaction scores.

Your support QA efforts will pay off big time in your revenue numbers. The more consistently you are able to deliver exceptional customer experiences, the more likely are people to start buying from you and to stick around.

Klaus support QA and conversation review tool

LiveAgent and Klaus integration supercharges your customer interactions

When two teams like LiveAgent and Klaus join forces, amazing things happen. Our brand new native integration that pulls all conversations from LiveAgent into Klaus for internal quality reviews is the finest example of teamwork.

Here’s how to set your team up for success with the LiveAgent and Klaus integration:

  1. Sign in to your Klaus account or create a new one. Klaus comes with a 14-day free trial; try it out with no strings attached.
  2. Connect your LiveAgent account with Klaus. All you need is your LiveAgent’s subdomain ( and API key.
  3. Build your quality scorecard. Choose the rating scale that suits your needs and define your quality criteria in rating categories.
  4. Invite your team members along. The list of your team members is automatically pulled in from your LiveAgent account. Invite your colleagues to your quality program on Klaus as reviewers, agents, and other roles.
  5. Start doing conversation reviews. Rate your first conversations, define review goals, and track your team’s progress in the quality dashboard.

That’s it! You’re ready to start using one of the most impactful customer service integrations out there.

Let Klaus pull your LiveAgent conversations in automatically for quality checks and make conversation reviews a healthy habit in your team. You’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll see the support quality go up and become consistent across every agent and channel.

LiveAgent and Klaus integration

The LiveAgent and Klaus integration was a long-awaited improvement to make support QA processes easily available for a wide range of support teams. We’re happy we’ve now successfully completed this milestone.

Happy integrating!

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