Customer Service Quality Assurance (QA) Software Guide

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Customer Service Quality Assurance (QA) Software Guide

Customer service Quality Assurance software is a must for all support teams in 2020. It’s the most efficient way to improve your support quality and facilitate regular agent feedback, bringing consistency to your customer interactions.

With an increased demand for customer service quality, the support QA software market has been booming in recent years. To help you navigate the myriad of solutions out there, we’ve put together a complete list of all customer service and call center QA tools.

Customer service quality (QA) assurance software tools - Klaus, Scorebuddy, Aprokot, StellaConnect, Summatti, PlayVox, MaestroQA, EvaluAgent, CallSource, Aspect Quality Management, CallCriteria, Enghouse, Clearview


Klaus is a support QA tool that connects to your help desk and call center software. You can create custom scorecards, find support interactions that need your attention with advanced filters, and conduct conversation reviews seamlessly. Advanced reporting helps you track and report your team’s performance.

Boost customer service quality and increase consistency with regular agent feedback. It’s the quickest way to level up your customer service.

👉 Used by companies like Wistia, Automattic, PandaDoc, Geckoboard, and others.

💰 Pricing: Free - $13 /user/month


Stella Connect comes with dedicated 1:1 meeting features that help to organize feedback sessions with your support team.

👉 Stella Connect includes customer feedback request forms.

💰 Pricing: By request only


Scorebuddy offers complex scoring capabilities for building numeric, non-numeric, and blind scoring creating more holistic scorecards.

👉 Scorebuddy comes with a selection of 30 different reports.

💰 Pricing: $6.45 - $15.60 /user/month


Summatti is an AI-powered QA platform that analyzes your support interactions and alerts your team to any shortcomings in customer satisfaction.

👉 Aims to help companies make better business decisions by creating a link between support and product teams.

💰 Pricing: By request only


PlayVox’ premium plans offer new agent onboarding and training features like coaching templates and a rewards store to motivate support teams.

👉 It’s a tool for agents, team leaders, QA analysts, and managers.

💰 Pricing: $15 - $40 /user/month


MaestroQA has workflow automation functionalities for conducting support QA and sharing feedback.

👉 MaestroQA offers an omnichannel quality platform.

💰 Pricing: $19 - $39 /user/month


Aprikot is an easy-to-use tool that lets you choose between a predefined rubric and a customized scorecard.

👉 Focuses on Zendesk and Help Scout users.

💰 Pricing: Free - $100 /month


EvaluAgent is a call center QA tool that offers customizable templates for new agent onboarding and coaching.

👉 Includes calibration and “blind” evaluation features.

💰 Pricing: $4 - $21 /user/month


CallSource’s Performance Management tool is a call center QA software that allows companies to analyze their phone support performance and receive call coaching.

👉 CallSource offers various call center tools from support QA to lead scoring and marketing analysis.

💰 Pricing: By request only

Aspect Quality Management

Aspect Quality Management Call Center solutions combine speech analytics technologies and internal quality assessments.

👉 Besides call center QA tools, Aspect offers different contact center and workforce management solutions.

💰 Pricing: By request only

Enghouse Interactive Quality Management Suite

Quality Management Suite offers call and screen recording, speech analytics, workforce management, performance metrics, and other call center QA features.

👉 Includes a real-time speech analytics solution to help agents on their calls.

💰 Pricing: By request only


Clearview is a call center performance management tool that includes QA rubrics for call recordings and a convenient flagging system to mark calls of high priority or of special concern.

👉 Clearview consolidates QA, surveys, time clock, and other workforce management solutions.

💰 Pricing: By request only


Spreadsheets are the cheapest solution for providing feedback to support agents. A shared document is enough for some small support teams with low conversation volumes.

👉 Customer service QA and conversation review tools like Klaus reduce the time spent on the managerial tasks related to agent feedback in spreadsheets by 70%.

Which customer service quality assurance software do you use? Would you recommend it to other support teams?

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